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  1. I don't see how this actually helps veterans until the VA stops trying to find reasons for denial vs. reasons for approval.
  2. Stil here, still fighting. Recieved first pension check today so feeling a lot less stressed over all :)
  3. As mentioned, here is my upcoming response...draft version: Dear Claims Department, This statement is in response to a Statement of the Case you sent dated June 21st, 2012 for a decision reached on a De Novo Review dated April 24th, 2012 at the Portland VA Regional Office. I appreciate the time and effort that have been put forth in this process by your office and the many medical specialists involved. However, I still believe my claim of service connected PTSD is still very much warranted and valid, and that evidence exists to support that belief versus Preexisting Borderline Personal
  4. Why do you suppose their contract keeps being renewed? Could it possibly be their evaluations that result in VA C+P awards at a nice, easily digestible number for the VA? I am sorry, but I have issue with someone who spent 40 minutes with me basically rewriting a diagnosis from 14 years earlier by 3 doctors who spent weeks evaluating me in a 24/7 environment. These assholes make me sick.
  5. I have complete copies and will be drafting a response in the coming weeks. I will post a copy of what I write to the BVA here. My dx is there, my stressor is there. All I need to do is link the two. The C&P examiner did NOT list my personell records in his evaluation, therefore a substantial basis of my arguement will be that his diagnosis would be incomplete since the "performance and behavioral changes" were the crux of my establishment of the stressor... which has been conceded. The fact that this DR is attempting to rewrite dx from doctors who saw me at the time is also a point I
  6. CARLIE - The SOC reads as follows: On July 29th, 2011 the VARO recieved your request for a reconsideration the recent decision dated April 12, 2011. In that decision the VARO granted eligibility for treatment only with medicalcare for mental health issues, and confirmed the denial of service connection for PTSD. You provided your own statements for reconsideration, a statement from your ex-spouse, and "lay" statements from individuals who have witnessed the severity of your mental health symptoms. The additional service treatment records document the suicide attempt Feb 22, 1996 in which
  7. CARLIE - currently i recieve 10% for tinnitus, but it is being recouped for a severance pay i recieved in 1998. RETIRED - I am happy with my VSO, and I feel that the harder I fight the harder he is willing to fight for me. I may hire an attorney at some point, but for now I feel the evidence is all there. I just need to cram it down their throat until the actually acknowledge it. BRONCO- I have been in treatment for 2 years now. individual therapy at VA, DBT (CBT) classes, and the VetCenter. I still take meds but not nearly as much as i once did. I am pretty much on meds as needed t
  8. Are you working with an advocate or VSO? I Have a DAV representative who has been working with me on this. His feeling is I am getting a thorough railroading on this. Did you have treatments, diagnosis, evaluations, etc., prior to service, or was that from what was gathered in the questions from the C&P, or any treatments through VA, or what was noted from your entry exam? There were no diagnoses prior to service of any issues what so ever and I signed a complete medical release. There were the 3 events prior to the assault which I already listed below. The recent dx was based on t
  9. Still here. Still S&F tired of fighting the VA and endless lessons in futility.... :)
  10. had my DRO hearing 2 months ago and recieved an SOC letter a few days ago. Feel it is some sort of progress because after 2 years the VA finally "concedes your in-service stressor". However, the obstacle remains on tying it to the diagnosis. VA outsourced examiner spent 40 minutes and linked PTSD/MDD/BPD as co-morbid disorders originating in childhood, based on questioning that focused on prior service factors (3 years physical abuse, article 15 in basic training, 3 day hospitalization for situational depression 2 years prior to a sexual assault (the conceded in-service stressor). Also, th
  11. First... I am sorry for your loss. Second... I am sorry the VA screwed you during this extremely traumatic time. Third... Hang in there. You already have an established DX of PTSD. The VA can readjust your percentage back (or even higher) based on the current aggravation of symptoms. You are doing the right thing on this by involving a congressman. It should speed things up. Best wishes and hope it resolves soon.
  12. Look for the ever-elusive "at least as likely as not related to military service" on your examination. If it states that (or something stronger) you should expect little problems.
  13. Still fighting. Halfway through my Independent Opinion and have DRO waiting to make a decision until it is done. Independent has expressed doubts about viability of the claim due to lack of hard evidence (police reports, incident reports, etc) but has been in contact with a VSO about the new guidelines on circumstantial evidence. As long as they don't pull the "pre-existing" crap, I think I will be fine.
  14. Sorry so late. Have not had internet access.
  15. Had DRO hearing Tuesday. was formal and apparently they don't have people request the formal ones very often. My VSO made a pretty strong case in proving no pre-existence of ANY mental problems prior to and during the majority of my service. The DRO took notes at these points. As far as trying to counter the errors in the C+P exam, since "perfecting a claim" is the goal, the VA denied our request for a disinterested 3rd party evaluation. I would like to think this was an economic denial vs. a "we already have a C+P that allows us to deny you" one. So here I am fighting nausea as I cont
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