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  1. I already have a copy of my record. The doctor wrote, left shoulder injury and pain in my speration physical notes. But, did not provide a specific diagnosis. In order to fill the gap from 2008 to 2017, I will need buddy statements and a doctor's opinion stating my shoulder injury was likely due to my time on the ship / Navy. Thank you for this. Very helpful!! I'll get the ball rolling. Appreciate the responses!
  2. Thanks guys, this is helpful. The only mention of my shoulder injury is in my separation physical conducted in April 2008. Since this time, my shoulder causes me tremendous pain just trying to move my arm above my shoulder level. I had two steroid injections in my shoulder for the pain last year and had an MRI comoleted. Will these instances be enough for a claim? (The one instance noted in my separation physical and twice last year). My MRI shows shoulder damage as well. Thanks!
  3. During my military separation physical, I told the doctor that I had a injured left shoulder from weightlifting on the ship out to sea. It was the first and only time I mentioned it because I didn't want to be a burden at the time. That was back in May 2008. Since this time, I have always had pain in that shoulder that would come and go. But, fast forward to 2017 and my left shoulder has been in non-stop pain limiting me from doing many things people take for granted. During 2017 & 2018, I went to a pain doctor on three separate occasions for a steroid injection which helps temporarily and had an MRI to confirm my injury. My question is, with this information do you think I would be successful in filing a shoulder injury claim or not? I'm not sure if there are time limitations for this sort of thing, but I cannot raise my left arm above my shoulder without intense pain. Thanks for your thoughts, opinions, and help in advance. I appreciate all of you!
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