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  1. Thx, again, berta...I value your opinion, and after reading your last reply, i guess I should forget about a cue, for smc-s...if you don't think its warranted, I'm not gonna drive myself nuts, pursuing it.. maybe, start a new claim, for smc-s, but no cue... appreciate, greatly, your help, and advice, with this matter...
  2. Thanks, Berta, for all, your input..To answer your question, ,... I don't if any other documentation exists in my records, claiming reference to agoraphobia, or housebound...The only thing I know for certain is, rating sheet clearly stated diagnosis of ptsd, panic disorder w/ agoraphobia, major depressive disorder, severe...The va examiner noted you have total social, and occupupational impairment.... So that's all the evidence i have, for CUE, that smc-s, should have been inferred...after reading other posts, don't know if its enough, but i think I'm gonna try...Thanks, again...
  3. No, only rating is 100% ptsd... can you refer me to law that states, it should have been inferred, and adjuticated, from single 100% rating....i would like to include such law, in paperwork, in case I decide to CUE....Thanks, again...
  4. Thank you, for your insight.not sure what forms to file, for smc-s.. award letter never mentioned a word about smc-s, so therefore, i wasnt denied... honestly, didnt know at the time of my award, yhat there was such a thing, as smc-s... any other advice, or insight is greatly appreciated.. thank you !!
  5. 100% p&t, since 2012... (ptsd)... I want to file for smc-s, but frankly, cant remember how to get the ball rolling... My c&p exam in 2011, clearly stated agoraphobia...Any suggestions, would be appreciated..Also, when approved, do you believe retro will go back to 2012.. Thank you all, again, for your input, and advice... SEMPER FI
  6. confirmation via 800 # this morning... claim for increase and i u granted.. 100% p &t... berta, because of my ssd they went back extra year of retro, as i was told the retro sum.. thank you all..
  7. Thanks, basser I was hoping that was the case..not real yet til I get award letter or retro hits
  8. Ward 86 here... Had to change cause couldn't remember pass word from old acct.. E benefits says claim closed as of today's date.. Can't get on letter generator, so I went on benefits explorer and it said 100% disability.. Nothing there last night...however p&t boxes were not checked.. Can I trust this?.. I think I should be receiving letters in mail soon.. It did say appeal possible, which leads me to believe got tDiu and not p &t... Your thoughts would be great as I know I will be up all night worrying.. Thanks to ALL of you for your support, and compassion...also said development letter was sent with decision notification???
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