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  1. Went and got my ID card today. Wife forgot the marriage license that I had been telling her she needed all weekend. We'll have to make another trip to get her card. Still waiting on the envelope and the retro pay. Should have one of those if not both by the end of the week.
  2. I'm in the same boat right now. Just rated at 90%, TDIU P&T. Going to get my wife covered under ChampVA and find a decent supplement. I'm receiving a OPM disability retirement and have Kaiser insurance. However we're moving to Texas next month and will need to switch. Trying to figure out if I should cancel the OPM insurance or keep it for now. I'll be covered under Medicare in about a year. Wife won't have it for almost three years. Currently paying just over $300 a month for the Kaiser and another $90 for dental. That's coming out of a $980 disability retirement.
  3. The stress is still there due to getting ready for the move. Sleep is always elusive. But I have things to do next week. Get ID cards and cancel my FEHB plan. Canceling that plan will put almost $400 extra in my pocket each month.
  4. Claim finally closed today. All the letters are there, amounts are correct. Life is good.
  5. Been two days in Prep for Notification and still no update on my letters. I noticed that the description of PFN has changed. It's now about having another approval of the decision.
  6. So my claim sat in pending decision approval for a solid week. Went to prep for notification today. Still no change in my letters available on eBenefits.
  7. Not yet. Just started collecting SS this year. Has a few years before Medicare. I'll actually be on it long before she is.
  8.     Never did. I'm a west coast Marine.
  9. We looked at a nice house on Lake Fork and one on Tawakoni. While living on the lake would have been nice it also has some drawbacks.
  10. Which lake? We're buying a 2600 sq foot house in Kaufman on 2.43 acres. Three car garage, and will be having a shed/workshop built big enough for my upcoming boat. As we all know with the VA it takes no money down, reduced closing costs and I will have that wonderful $0 property tax. We'll have to go fishing once I get the new boat Navy04
  11. A week ago Monday my TDIU reconsideration went to Prep for Decision. Yesterday it went to Pending Decision Approval. Called my VSO today and unofficially my TDIU has been granted with a effective date of 7-26-2012, which is my filing date. I'm also P&T according to my VSO. This is a great relief to my wife and I. We're moving to Texas the end of March and this means no property taxes among other things. The difference in my pay rate more than covers the new house payment. I will no longer have to pay over $400 a month for health care for my wife through FEHB. It's been a
  12. If three doctor's have said that your PTSD prevents you from working you should be good to go. I'd guess that the C&P is to see if you can be rating 100% for the PTSD which would make the TDIU moot.
  13. Congratulations. I just talked to my VSO and the unofficial word is that my TDIU P&T has been granted effective July 26, 2012
  14. Posting the story more than once is not going to get you a faster answer. It takes what it takes. If anyone here knew a way to speed things up they could get rich selling the method.
  15.     My reconsideration has moved to "pending decision approval" as of today.
  16. Went to the RO yesterday to check on the letter. Turns out there was no letter. As of today my claim is "pending decision approval".
  17. Still no letter. Never had to wait this long for something coming from the RO before.
  18. This is a interesting discussion. I was awarded SSDI in three weeks solely for my service connected back. No exams or appointments. That was in August 2012. In January of 2013 the VA denied TDIU and went so far as to say that since I was scheduled for a reevaluation on my SSDI that my disability was not considered permanent, never mind that my reevaluation was scheduled 5-7 years from the award date. My VA PCP stated that my service connected conditions made me unemployable, I had SSDI and they based the denial on a incomplete and fraudulent C&P exam. I was aware of the problems wit
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