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  1. A friend of mine works in DC and she sent me my full medical record, and I have diagnoses from Multiple Drs from Afghanistan to the states. I am doing the waiting game now. I dont mind the process, just wish I knew more about it, and if they told me my percentages now, I wouldnt mind waiting, cause atleast I would know something. What is hard for me, is going to the VA, and here about guys being disabled and getting 70% for a broken finger, or a twisted ankle you know, and people like us that have serious health issues and have served are country well, have to prove ourselves to the VA. The money would be nice, but I am really after the benefits, cause I want them to take care of the health problems incurred during my service. God bless to all of you and I will pray. We truly are brothers and sisters.
  2. Thanks again everyone for the response. I have multiple degress, but I tell you what you have to be a genius to keep up with all this crap. I learn something every day. From April to May I went to all the VA C&P Exams. I submitted for 21 items including Crohn's Disease, Testicular Surgery, PTSD, Depression,OCD,Anxiety,Torn Rotator Cup, and a slew of other issues. I completed 4 tours in Afghanistan. When I went to the Exams, I felt like a Defense Lawyer having to defend all my Medical Issues, even though my Medical Record is over 1100 pages and I have only been active for 8 years. So I thought that when my package went to the VA for the Rating, that the MEB/PEB process had started. I find out last week that I have been waiting for 2 months for nothing. They are going to Mail off package to DC this week. Only good thing is Navy Psychologists is attaching his diagnosis of Severe PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety, which everyone says is a good thing when it comes to the ratings. I am currently Active Navy in Louisiana. Does anyone know how long the VA, or IDES system is taking out here. Appreciate all the help, and I am trying to learn all the VA lingo that goes with the process. I pray that they give me a big percentage. Everyone keeps telling me that I will get a high percentage, but I dont want to get my hopes up. The Military has let me down so many times, that it is very upsetting at times. Good luck to all of you and God Bless.
  3. Thank you guys for responsing so quickly. Once you guys did your PEB and saw the VA rep, how did you like the Specialists that they send you to for your issues. I have heard some horror stories. Also, how long did it take you guys from the PEB to finding out when you guys were found to be unfit for duty. Once found unfit how long til you got out and what did they offer you. I would appreciate the help so much. I am new to all the lingo, so I dont know what TDRL means. Thanks guys and have a blessed weekend. Kief
  5. Hello Guys I am new to the site. I am an E-5 Active in the Navy. I am being put on a PEB. I will see the Navy doc next thursday and we will start the process. What happens after I see him and my paperwork is submitted. I hear that since they skipped the MEB and went straight to a PEB that it is a good thing, and everything should be quick. My PEB is for Crohns Disease, and I have a damaged left testicle that required recent testicular surgery, that I injured in OEF. I have many other issues: 2 knee surgeries, bad left knee, bad lower back, torn shoulder rotater cup, Gastric Reflux so bad that I have been tested twice for throat surgery, and I contracted MRSA from Walter Reed Medical Center, and had it cut out of my 4 times. It would be nice if anyone can give me any advice. Thanks and good luck to you all. Navyman
  6. Aggie54, Thank you so much for answering back. I created a new post, and asked questions, and no one has helped. I figured since I am active, and spent a few tours in Afghanistan, people would want to help. I am new to the site, and it is kind of hard to navigate. I have been so stressed about the whole situation. I am stationed in one state and my family lives in another state and having my health issues, and not knowing the process. I have Crohn;s disease, just had testicular surgery, two knee surgeries, seeing doc for PTSD, and been batteling MRSA for two years, that I was infected with at Walter Reed Medical Center. Once I do the Dictation with the Doc on April 1st, what happens after that, and what is the time frame. Please help me with this matter. USN E-5
  7. I am an E-5 in the Navy, and I am active duty. Just submitted my NMA and dictations. Have appointment with Doc on April 1st, so he can type up the Dictations in medical terms. How long does the process take from here, I hear that the Navy and VA work together now and that the process is alot quicker, is that true? Please help with this matter, I am so stressed and trying to learn everything I can. Antonio
  8. I am active Navy, and have served in Afghanistan multiple times. I am starting the PEB process, and I need all the help I can get. I have alot of questions. Good luck to everyone on here, and God Bless.
  9. I am in the Navy, and I just started the PEB process. Once I do my Dictation and everything gets rolling, what kind of timeframe am I looking at to be Medically Retired out of the navy. I talk to my HMs at the clinic and they informed me that the VA and Navy work together now and the process is alot quicker, is that true? I am ready to move on to my life after the Navy, and I dont want this to drag out. Can someone please explain to me how this will play out.
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