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  1. I wish Cattleman's had cheap steaks like that. I've been there 5 times now....LOVE that place! You wouldn't recognize Ft. Bliss anymore. It has tripled in size just in the last 5 years. "Main Post" has moved out to Biggs Field...that's the center of the Bliss universe right now.
  2. Wow...you have already received a lot of good advice so all I can say is that my prayers are with you. I hope it works out for you and your husband!
  3. Yep, you're probably right...I'm just trying to be optimistic. As of today, it's been 2 weeks since my rebuttal was submitted.
  4. Well, I imagine that they would have said so already if their answer was negative.
  5. So...I submitted a rebuttal to my NARSUM (DA Form 3947) asking that something (Severe Chronic Depression) be changed from "below the line" (Fitting) to "above the line" (Unfitting) back on the 6th. It's been 10 days now...could that be a good sign? I would imagine that I would already know it if they were going to disagree with my rebuttal by now...no?
  6. Yeah, I can speak from first hand experience that the mental health care system within the military is horrible. We have soldiers here at Ft. Bliss that go "off their meds" all the time because they cannot get back in to see a "prescriber" in time. To schedule an appt. takes about a month and they offer 2 "walk-in" appt's each day but it's still not enough to meet the needs of the soldiers here. And, what's worse, is we have a couple Brigades returning from Afghanistan soon. They really need some more staff here and quick.
  7. Brown Envelope/hoppy

    That's awesome...congrats!
  8. Happy Times Are Here Again

    What does T&P stand for and what is DAV?
  9. Only Took 4 Years!

    Congrats! I hope to get about the same.
  10. Success Maybe!?

  11. Brown Envelope Arrived

    Awesome pictures!
  12. Memorandum Rating Taking Forever

    Still haven't heard from them...
  13. Thank you. I know that I could make a strong argument that the doctor should have said yes rather than no. How could all of these symptoms NOT impair occupational and social functioning???
  14. I appreciate the feedback....thanks!
  15. Yep, I was also able to just walk into the VA here and go to the records dept. and get a copy of both my physical C&P and the mental C&P. All I had to do was show ID and sign a form. It took all of about 20 minutes including driving time. =)