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  1. Greetings AskNod ---- you were recommended to me by Buck52.   When you have a chance can you please review this ?   See denial letter from VA in 1983 below -- I've filed new claim for my brother on PTSD being service connected.  They've come back with "Disabilities Claimed" are "PTSD (Reopen), non-service connection pension (New), Schizophrenia, residual type; competent (New), residual scars of shell fragment wounds (Increase), Competency (New), and Special Monthly Pension (New).   It is in Gathering of Evidence stage and they've come back to me with 9 requests - Agent Orange, Aid & Assistance, and medical evidence for unemployability related.  Buck52 and Berta seemed to think we may have a CUE since they didn't rate the PTSD service connected.  No ratings assigned yet.   But I'm trying to familiarize myself with NODs/CUEs etc when they do.   What do you think?   Thank you for your time.


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      Not enough there to base a theory of outcome. I usually work from a c-file to determine all the possible assets in a claim. I'd be shooting from the hip to say anything more. Sorry. You need three things. Disease or injury. Disease or injury or risk in service. A nexus letter linking the two. As for scars. Look at DC 7800-7805. I have scars over 20% of my body and get 30% for them but you can't miss them. They have to be fairly visible and measure a certain size to qualify. 

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