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  1. Hi Asknod,

    Me again, WomanMarine. I think we are getting my disability squared away, but it is much more complicated then when I started on this path. I found out I was exposed to Agent Orange/TCE @ MCAS El Toro. It took a slipped disc and paralyzed left side to figure it out. And now that things look like they are going my way, I have to consider what I have been through and how I can help others avoid this nightmare I went through.

    Before this started I bought five acres on a very rural lake. My property is the only one with access to the 18 acre lake from their home. I have room for a coral, as I love horses, as well as build-able ground on the front of my property. Enough ground to build a large house or, what I prefer to call it, a 'bunk house' for a dude ranch 😎. I am anticipating a 100% P&T rating from my recent C&P and hopefully the SAH grant to get started. As well I have recently received my COE for my V.A. loan.

    I have been researching V.A. Foster care and would like to build a 'Dude Ranch' for Agent Orange survivors. I figure if the V.A. gives me A&A that it takes as much work to take care of one as it does for ... maybe four?

    I have an Independent Living assessment coming up this week and this is what I would like to 'pitch' ... 

    Do you have any thoughts or can point me in the direction to find Trigger, the horse that will curtsy so the vet can get on? 😂


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