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  1. NOD, 


    Ebenefits just updated my benefits status with these Different SMC’s?


    Board of Appeals was completed by a judge on a (May 14,2019)  


    Judge  Granted :


    1). Compensation Issue

    2). Compensation Issue

    3). Compensation Issue

    4). Compensation Issue

    5). Migraines 


    Why 2 L’s?  Or just typo by ebenefits?







    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. taylor88be8


      Thanks GBArmy!   I’ve waited a long time for sure! 

    3. broncovet


      You are gonna have to wait for the envelope, guessing on ebenefits is rarely productive. 

    4. asknod


      SMC is recorded differently than any other benefits. What you have been awarded is SMC L 1/2. That's the SMC P you see. P is a catchall for a bunch of things and each is described in the regulation but they could never list every possible combination of disabilities in P which will cover all the possibilities.

      They have given you SMC at the S rate in the past but you have qualified for it again at some point-hence the S-1/ S-2 designations. They don't pay it to you twice. They have awarded you SMC at the L rate for being so helpless as to be in need of  A&A (L-1). In addition, you have a rating that is over 50% that is separate and distinct from whatever you got the L for. This "kicks" you up a half-step under §3.350(f)(3). VA classifies this as SMC L 1/2 + K or SMC P. If you had a separated 100% rating unrelated to the A&A rating, they would bump you up a full step to SMC M under §3.350(f)(4). 

      The SMC L-1 is for another qualification for A&A (possibly) but it would be pyramiding to pay you for it. Nevertheless, they still list it. As the other folks said, wait for the magic paper- but it will say SMC P (L 1/2 +K).

      Be safe. 

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