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  1. iu

    It could be a mistake. I would request a hearing should it not be a mistake. Is this a proposal to reduce?
  2. tdiu total and permenent

    So that being said, you never received a decision stating TDIU P&T? If it's not in black and white from twenty plus years ago. You maybe in an uphill battle.
  3. tdiu total and permenent

    If you've got the original letter stating TDIU P&T and it's been 20 years. Why worry?
  4. Apply for TDIU and "let the chips fall where they may". I don't sugarcoat things and at the end of the day. It'll boil down to new medical evidence and an IMO. I'm seeing the VA put a "smackdown" on VA doctors IMO's. Meaning they're harder to come by at most VAMC. A great VA doctor won't let "bean counters" tell them how to practice medicine. Bypass the DBQ and ask your VA specialist to annotate in your VA medical records that you're TDIU. Good luck, don't give up, and stay involved with your claim.
  5. I would apply for TDIU. Yes, you'll have an additional C&P Exam to confirm your SC is static or worsening. SSDI is great for TDIU support but, a VA doctors IMO covering the issues that make TDIU deserving needs to go straight into your VA Medical Records, preferably before your next C&P Exam. New medical evidence and a continued treatment for all your SC disabilities is absolutely necessary. Never stop or alter any of your treatments. Remember, SSA can and will re-exam your SSDI every one, three, and seven years. This is dependent up on how severe they think your disabilities are by their standards. Should you get a favorable VA decision regarding TDIU. Ensure that you share that information with the SSA. I think TDIU P&T is best and sharing this with SSA has made them leave me alone. Good Luck!
  6. From my own experience the 8941 issue isn't as important as the 1902b. The 1902b can be used to your advantage or against you. Have you read the 1902b? What the Counselors report's can propel you in the right direction for favorable decision. If you haven't already done so you need to get a Independent Medical Opinion from preferably a VA doctor regarding the issue that that renders you TDIU. The VA doc may say that can't or won't do this. If they will, just have the doc enter it straight into your VA medical records thru their office computer.
  7. Stay with the VFW and get IMO from your VA psychiatrist. The psychiatrist needs to state you're more likely than not able to maintain gainful employment. He/she can enter this statement straight into your VA medical records. You can then copy this statement right off myhealhyvet. If you're not still actively being treated for PTSD. This could be a problem. If your not working you should apply for SSDI too. JM2C
  8. Your employer is required under American Disability Act (ADA) to accommodate you. I'd use this to help improve your work environment too. It was easier for my Federal Employer to retire me at 38, instead of accommodating me. JMO
  9. Berta laid it out perfect. She is one of the most, if not the most insightful at Hadit. I recommend using SSDI and VR&E to support your claim for TDIU P&T. Have your spouse assist you with this task. The best document to support your claim will always be a Doctor's Medical Opinion. Preferably a VA doctor A.K.A Mental Health. Should you receive TDIU P&T be sure to not become a 22 statistic. STAY BUSY!! Good Luck!
  10. tdiu Will Anything Get Done This Week?

    No, it's not uncommon depending on the circumstances. If you don't have a doctor's statement stating you're unemployable. I think you're in for a fight. I believe the doctor should be a VA doctor that can enter the opinion straight into your VA medical records. The problem is getting a VA doctor to make the statement. It took four years and continual treatment with my VA doctor. Before, I asked him for just such a statement to support my claim. Three months after submitting his letter to BVA a favorable decision was rendered. The decision was granted for TDIU P&T. JM2C Good Luck! I don't currently have the docket number but, i'll Try to find it for your review.
  11. ptsd Unemployability

    IMHO, an IMO from your psychiatrist stating your unemployability and Voc Rehab denial statement(s) wold be your best options.
  12. tdiu IU / Federal Employee

    Have you utilized your Federal Employee Benefit known as Thrift Saving Plan (TSP)? If the TSP funds are enough. They could cover your lack of employment before TDIU and SSDI come through. It worked in my situation.
  13. tdui increase

    At the end of the every day. It will always be about "what the doctor states in your medical records".
  14. You'll receive the retro and starting receiving a monthly 70% payment the first of each month. Go ahead and file for TDIU. The clock starts for TDIU the moment you apply for it.
  15. There will be some type of retro pay you'll need to make for not taking part B of Medicare. At least, when it was first available too you. I believe you need to be a SSDI recipient for three years. Before Medicare is even accessible to you. I have no opinion on whether to buy into Medicare. If you're a combat Veteran and would like MH counseling outside the VAMC. Your closest VetCenter is a very good choice. I prefer my VetCenter over VAMC MH counseling anyday. I wish you the best. Remember, squeaky wheel gets the grease.