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  1. "Disability rating decisions are made solely by theVBA Regional Office after all available data have been reviewed and verified.Questions or concerns regarding disability rating decisions should be directedto the VBA Regional Office and/or an appeals board."
  2. I think that you need to get a copy of your physician's report on your SSD claim. The report whereby the SSA based their decision upon. Then hand-feed that puppy to the VA. Just sayin'..........
  3. You probably could not ask for a better C&P exam results. And, contrary to what we all want to believe, there ARE some VA docs that really do care and will go the extra mile for a veteran.
  4. I'll try to figure out what I've done wrong with the list and then post it again. Sorry, musta been a senior moment....................
  5. Ah, forget it. It would not "upload"........guess it's because I'm using FireFox.
  6. "I hope the Department of the Marines (or whoever they are) is just a quick." The Marines are a "department" of the US Navy.............................................the Men's department! sorrry, but I jist couldna hep myself!
  7. Berta is one of our "resident experts" when it comes to DIC. Maybe she'll drop by and help you out with the answers to your questions.
  8. Welcome, Jarhead. Sometimes the National Archives in St. Louis will not have your SMR's, but, instead, they will be at the VA's archives, also located in St. Louis (yes, there ARE two repository's for Veterans' records and they are both in St. Louis). I don't have the address for the VA's archives handy to me right now, but you can Google it I'm sure and come up with the address. just sayin'............
  9. No, they won't "get mad". I mean, after all, it is them that are always asking if you have any more evidence for them to consider, right? And, it sounds like you do.........!
  10. Like Carlie stated, if you are 50%, then the VA owns your healthcare. Just tell your PCP that you are having problems with your spine and want to see a specialist. Of course, it may take a couple of months, but, anymore, you can wait that long to see a civilian specialist, also.
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