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  1. The state paid advocate lady that works in our VA represented me under the VFW. She sent me a packet of everything I needed. So, if you are showing 100%, you need to get the paperwork! The longer you wait, the more money you are wasting.
  2. I asked the VFW power of Autorney person to see if she could get me a copy of the IRIS letter. I just don't want to rock the boat.
  3. I'll try to look into iris. I'm in process of medical board 20 years
  4. I have some questions if anyone has time to answer. The first of December, I had another C&P done. I went from 90% to 100%. My commissary letter: We are providing you with this letter so you may receive commissary store and exchange privileges from the Armed Forces. This is to certify (ME) is an honorably discharged veteran of the Army and is entitled to disability compensation at the 100 percent rate due to service-connected disability(ies). This total disability is considered permanent. You are not scheduled for future examinations. My benefit verification: Combined Evaluation 100 percent My status is "Under Review" for Drill Pay. I am still in the National Guard. I didn't think that I could be working and have 100 percent since it is a Mental thing. I have never never received any letter in the mail stating that I was 100 percent. Do you get a letter in the mail? If so, how long does it take? thanks for any insight.
  5. Admin HELP!! Edit your post. Take the Personal information out!!!
  6. I'm sorry about your MST, and other MH issues. Mine are bipolar, severe depression, anxiety, etc... I am really embarrassed about many of the things I have done and said. somethings I do and say are inappropriate and uncalled for. It hurts my family more than it hurts me.. Sometimes I wish I were in a mental house all the time. i think i need structure.
  7. I joined the Marines in 1992. After six active years in the Marine Infantry, I should have gone to the VA right away with back problems. But you only have one life, live and die. Maybe someone will learn from my mistake. I joined the Guard, and after a couple deployments, I finally went to the VA after my last one.
  8. Semper Fi BoJack! I didn't see a Navy Wife. I see a Navy4Life.
  9. I have read somewhere before, that the veteran walked in, smelling like smoke and hair unwashed. Anyway, I am anxious about getting the results, if any back.
  10. For future reference for anyone going into C&P. Have Wife drive you to C&P, because you can use that when they ask if you if you need help around the house, etc. Keep your medications going. I asked to stop my abilify about a month ago, when they put me on the Titinium. The abilify just made me so sleepy. However, it was a antipsychotic. :\ She did a few new things on this C&P. She asked me to draw a picture of two shape that looked like stop signs that were interweave. I'm no artist, and I am not sure what they were looking for. Also, she handed me a piece of paper and asked me to use my right hand to fold it. So, I did. She made me call my wife and I put her on Speaker phone for a minute or two. I didn't go in all dirty, but they look at that. They look at your hair. I cut my hair short. But each time you go to counseling, they look at you and note it. At the C&P, they will also note it. They said I was well groomed, which makes me feel good. :-)
  11. I wasn't sure what to title this and where to put it. timeline: November 2011, rated 70 % SC for MH. Including PTSD, Bipolar, yadda yadda. 2011-Present time, Lots of counselings and changing of Meds. About a month ago, I went to my regular physical doctor at VA. I told her that I still have suicidal thoughts. She made me see the counselor. I talked to counselor in October, and she made an appointment for me on Nov 10, 2014. She said I can bring my wife if I wanted to, and I did. We shot the bull and talked about how things were getting better for us, etc. I am trying to get back in shape and started walking/jogging a while back. Also, I need to add, that my VA psychiatrist changed my drugs from one thing to Lithium. I told the counselor that I believe the drugs were a good thing, so far. I noticed on my BlueButton MyHealtheVet, that she marked that I was doing better, etc, etc, etc.. Well, for one, I don't want to talk about all the bad stuff when my wife is sitting next to me. Because everything I say will be used against me (trust me). I get a call this Monday, (17 November) from the C&P people. They said I need to come in for a C&P re-evaluation or a yearly evaluation for my MH claim. 19 November, I showed up at this C&P reevaluation, and the Dr. asked, Do you know why you are here? I said no ma'am. And she explained that the VA was making sure that I was being properly taken care of, and that my benefits didn't need to be bumped up. When I was in the office with this Dr., my body felt like it was on fire. My chest started beating fast. My hands were shaking. I was crying, etc. She asked me to tell her what the following meant, "Don't Count your chickens before they hatch". I just repeated it like a fool like 5 or so times. I honestly believe that the new drug that they gave me started to kick in. She wanted to put me in the Mental Jail, But she kept asking me if I wanted to go there, but I told her, I prefer not. She said, what if I make you? I said, you got to do what you go to do, but I Prefer not. Those people in the mental ward are literally crazy people. I'm depressed and act all weird, but I'm not "crazy" like some of those. In the mental ward, there was this one guy that kept shitting on everything. I'm not like that. I'm glad that she seen me in my bad times, since it was a C&P exam. But, I am so Scared that they are going to re-evaluate me and say that I don't deserve the 70% that I get. I already feel as though I am using the system, and it makes me feel really bad for having to "prove" my insanity. I wish I could go back in time and not ever go to the VA. I want life to be like it was before I went to Afghanistan in 2011. Anyway, if these post are supposed to be in the form of a question, What is the chances of them downgrading my % ?
  12. Marine Doctor? lol I wish you good luck, I know how much of a pain this VA stuff is. Keep your head up. Remember to do your calming down breathing exercises.
  13. GuaymasJim, The rest of that line is: 1. The criteria for an initial evaluation in excess of 30 percent for mood disorder prior to December 28, 2009, have not been met. 38 U.S.C.A. §§ 1155, 5107 (West 2002); 38 C.F.R. §§ 4.7, 4.130, Diagnostic Code 9411 (2012).
  14. Sometimes Ex's don't deserve any of your hard earned money. No body here knows what Bill is going through with his Ex.... Maybe a private message would be more suitable than bashing him in a public forum. If he is anything like me, he goes through crazy mood swings. After asking for help, he will come back here to read what his peers and friends say, and he see people bashing him. If you want to beat someone up, then do it on a personal side by sending him a private message. What you did here could possibly set off some type of trigger. It got my blood boiling, and I am not even the original author.
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