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  1. Broncovet what forum or location was my comment moved to ??
  2. Brocovet actually that was a comment not a question but thanks for moving it I would like to hear the replies.........
  3. In February 1975 I was discharged from service I applied for compensation for a head injury in July 1975 and was denied in 1976 then in 1984 I was awarded 100% for seizure disorder secondary to my in service traumatic head injury. In 2009 I applied for TBI and was awarded 70% for direct service connection in 2011, I requested an earlier effective date for my TBI since my original claim was in 1975 less then 5 months after my ETS, I feel my original claim should have been reconsidered but the RO and the BVA overlooked my original claim so I took it to the CAVC and waiting for a decision.
  4. Out of all due respect broncovet i have never used a lawyer I used the Amvets and the DAV But i had to let them go the fact being they told me would not win my claim and i did it my self and won.....over 150,000 in retroactive pay... anything can be done ..............
  5. El Train: if your already a 100% why would you need a IMO or Dr.bash ???
  6. Dloehr22: I received the same statement use got 2/8/2020 with eight claims which were all denied just wait until you the envelope hopefully it will be a positive response..............
  7. Since Dec.2014 the the Janesvillie office has been the VA centralized intake center
  8. Yes it was down for me to......................................
  9. MrPain7

    How to File SMC (S)

    Alchemist what you are looking for is equal to housebound complete the form and explain your TDIU and 70% for major depressive i think it should work properly since you are asking for the Housebound rate..........
  10. Jangs1963: I think this is why it were it at now-when you file a V9 to the regional off. with additional evidence they have to review the new evidence and make a decision before it goes to the board you said you i filed the V9 and added your surgery records which is new evidence now they have to make a decision due to the new evidence...
  11. MrPain7

    SMC-O ?

    756pro: if you are rated at the L rate for SMC and you said you have 6 more 100% then you would rated at the -O- rate because every other 50% not included with your L rating will bump you up a 1/2 step. so 6 added 100% would take you their...........
  12. Hey Bam- with the bilateral factors for the Hips i got 93 to so if we are right you would only need another 20% to get over the 95 mark......
  13. I have never heard of anyone receiving special monthly compensation for flatfeet but looking thru the Board of Appeals forum i ran across this case which was awarded special monthly compensation based on the need for aid and attendance for pes planus...... DOCKET NO. 14-02 822 almost anything is possible .......
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