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  1. I have, I just had to vent and hopefully I will help somebody else with this post. I first must learn to be a good friend to myself.
  2. Your so right. It dose taste pretty good bout now.
  3. I know, I feel the love here. Just needed to vent. And let others know people will say they are happy for you. Not.
  4. Yes it's true. I'm clean now and Crackheads hate me, My jealous family hates me, other jealous vets hate vve course on my ex girlfriend hate me, all my old lying therapist hate me, but thanks to this site I got the right advice and file the right claim and got a hundred percent. First time for bipolar. gaf score of 51, 20 to 25 times in and out of VA rehab, a few lockdown, jail homelessness etc cetera. what the most important thing...is that I love me today!
  5. good luck to you also and try some fishing also give yourself a break.
  6. I will stay in touch, I plan on buying a camper and going down the east coast this fall fishing from Philadelphia to Key west.
  7. Thanks for the advice and I will wait for the paper pack to come in the mail.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement I'm in transitional housing at a VA hospital and plan to stay a little while until it all sinks in.
  9. Thank god and thank Hadit.com it's over. I watched the whole thing unfold on ebenifits Sat. July 28 it will be the day my life changed for ever. 2 years ago I filed my claim and today my ab3 letter says 100% percent rate due to service connected disability , this is total disability is considered permanent. you are not scheduled for future examinations. my ab8 letter showed the monthly amount which matches the 100% rate. ebenifits explorer ( a new item) shows my rate @ 100% ,and i should have 2 years of retro coming. wow. Thanks to this site i was prepared for the roller coaster ride on ebenifits, it went from pending notification back to pending decision it did this twice but on Sat i could not pull myself away from the computer and would refresh ebenifites every 10 mins. and watched it climb to a new phase until the last on complete came in about 2:00 on Sat. the whole back end of ebenifits changed on that last refresh and i knew this had to be it! and yes up popped all my AB letters. I cried and farted all the same. it started in May 8th had to go to C&P exam, I didn't even know what that was, that's when i found this site, anyway i was dx with bipolar 1, with a gaf of 51, and the examiner said i was missed dx in the airforce with a personalty disorder which grew in to this bipolar 1, that was my nexus. not sure if i can still work or not but i will be giving my job a 3 week notice. I happen to like my job. but i will be spending my time in treatment and travel. good luck to all...
  10. After almost 2 years of waiting I just had my C&P exams May 8, 2012, one for hearing the other one was Bipolar. The exam for bipolar went very well with a nexus in my c file . (and the C&P examiner dx me with bipolar 1 that manifest from my dx while on active duty). So I've sent the report and all other related info to the congressmens office to help expidite my claim to finally be rated ,all info is in . In my c file There's is a dx of chronic ajustment disorder and mix personalty disorder a clear nexus. dx of bipolar 1, Axis 1, and a GAF score of 51. I'm currently Homeless and living in transition housing at a VA. I was told it could take up to another 5 months in development phase. or as read the blogs here even longer? Is getting Congressman the right thing to do at this point. can anyone Please give me some feed back. Info goes in mail at noon tommorow. thanks
  11. Ok here we go. I think the Doc got it right. It says I have a GAF of 51 Dx Bipolar disorder, mixed type. AXIS 1, comments if any? it is at least as likely as not secondary to this gentleman's military service in the airforce. Previously, in the air force the veteran was dx with a chronic adjustment disorder and mixed personality disorder , and I do in fact, believe that the present bipolar disorder is a maturation of that condition originally diagnosed in the military. dx 2: alcohol abuse in remission axis 1 dx 3:cocaine abuse in remission axis 1 Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity Differentiation of symptoms a. does the veteran have more than one mental disorder diagnosed?(yes) Comments: he does have voth the bipolar disorder , which is of mixed type at this point, as will as substance abuse problems, which most likely ar secondary to his bipolar symtomatology. Symptoms for va rating purposes, check all symptoms that apply to the vetern's dx. checked are: depressed mood at times Anxiety suspiciousness chronic sleep impairment mild memory loss Impaired judgment flattened affect difficulty in establishing relationships disturbances of motivation and mood difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships suicidal ideation impaired impulse controlsuch as unprovoked irritability with periods of violence persistent danger of hurting self or others neglect of personal apperance and hygiene. Competency: is the veteran capable of managing his or her financial affairs? checked (yes) Prognosis: at the present time, would appear to be guarded. Section 11: clinical findings: 1. evidence review if any records (evidence) were reviewed , please list here: the c-file was carefully reviewed. In fact , there were numerous referencs to the fact that the veteran has some physical health problems, particulary with his hearing, as well as, in fact, ther is a referince in the c-file to his having been consulted with a psychiatrist in the military , and was found to have a chronic adjustment disorder, as well as a mixed personaliy disorder. these were when he could not function on the flight line and requested that he be removed from that particular activity because of the stress. I do , in fact believe that these conditions diagnosed in the military have now matured into the bipolar disorder, which in fact, is present at this time. There's more here and there med history ect... so please tell me what you think about what rating I can expect and the fight ahead and time line.all my c&p are done, the only other claim i had was for hearing (no findings, no hearing loss found ect.) and how do I claim hardship (homeless currently) . Thanks for you time everyone and look foward to all coments.
  12. I just had my c&p last month and I would like to file for hardship it's been almost 2 years from the time i filed the claim and i am homeless.
  13. Hello John, and thanks for the feed back. I got out of the airforce in 1987 with a honarable discharge ( condition that interfer with military service) it said this at the bottom of my dd214. I was a crew cheif on the f4 fight jet. 5 months before they offered discharge i went to see my CO and express my high level of depression, stress, anexinty, nightmares,ect. and told him that i no longer felt confedent working on the flight line. and stessed the saftey issue. I was sent to the head doc. and he dx me with mixed pd. 5 months later i was given or offerd a discharge. honarable. I had a outstanding record until the last 15 months of service. dui, detached personaly, heavy drinking, and they sent to work in the tool room. 7 months after discharge i was in my first VA rehab. and about 20 va rehab's later in 2008 I finally requested my records and for the first time i read the head doc findings from that visit back in 1986. he said I had mixed personalty disorder. I was shocked! (all these years did'nt realize i had gounds for a claim). so i had one sent in from a vet rep for depression in 2008. 2009 got a denile letter requesting more eveidence. I never followed up. now I came back thought rehab once again in aug 2010 and stable in tran, housing @ Coatesville va. got and unexped letter for a C&P exam. and yes it was the depression claim. that's went he said i was missed dx and he was putting me in for bipolar. Questons... where do I go for this point.( it was only a week ago) wait the c&p report and findings? and how can i request a copy of the report? should i get a claims rep asap!? a lawery? I am Homeless living in tran housing. Can i get back pay form 1987 from my missed dx and discharge? wait and see if I get a rating ? Thanks Mike
  14. Thanks for the good words, I am new to the site and please help me out with the abreavations I've fugiured out a few sc, dx, tiud? please help me out with this so I can follow and learn alot better. when or how can i get a copy of the c&p exam.?
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