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  1. I'd say that's a pretty nice lump of coal! like the last person just said, those books are USUALLY mailed out specific to the individual, it could give a hint as to where you are if it puts you in a certain category. anyone with 50% or more falls into cat 1.
  2. well thats what i'm talking about, I don't see a link on mine for an AB3, maybe i'm not looking in the right spot?
  3. hey i don't have the AB3 letter for the commisarry benefits so I guess I'll have to hope I can get 100% after the appeal proccess....i'm sure it will be at least 2 years before i have a status update on that haha they told me on the phone today the winston salem office where my file is at has over 48000 cases O_o !!! craziness haha glad i'm patient.
  4. the question was did i have spine problems....i don't know if it has anything to do with GERD or not....
  5. well i'm reading my letter and I'M very confused with a lot of my ratings...but for this instance regarding the GERD they only gave me 10% which is crazy because i have a prescription for 40mg of nexium TWICE a day vs the usual 1 a day because mine is so bad lol and their description of what warrants 30% is clearly what I have going on ..... i'll definitely be getting an IMO for the GERD along with quite a few other conditions that bothered me way more than whatever this person was reading......i don't care if my rating is a 94.99 and i stay at 90% but the job should be done right.....ty appea
  6. I'm hearing now that its everything except dental, you get some dental.,....anyone know about that? I've requested the VA to send me another copy of that health benefits book, and they said they did a couple weeks ago but I still haven't seen it here, probably cause i'm overseas maybe its just getting lost in the mail as usual haha
  7. Thanks Kelly So I just looked and my online award letter has change, it doens't stay they percent but the money portion has gone up to compensation for 90%! Says that claim was complete on 7SEP and the infamous letter has been mailed out. Will see what it says, so very greatful didn't think I was going to get an increase to that. I have some people telling me to appeal for 100% but unless its blatantly obvious I can get 100 I think i'm happy with the decision. Wishing everyone well and hope you all get what you deserve, thanks to everyone for your service. All of your support and advi
  8. Congrats Sergent on the new baby, thank you for your service and enjoy yourself, hope the care you get makes life easier too!!
  9. Update well still have yet to receive the brown envelope, I guess i went to my address in the states, my mother has power of attorney so I had her open it and read the contents to me but all that was in there was a 64 page handbook stating the benefits i was entitled to with the VA healthcare system and that I was a priority level 1. I'm confused though, she said she couldn't find it, but maybe she's not looking in the right spot, is the information on my specific claims like percentages and reasons in that book? or am I waiting for another letter?. Also my claim has been moved back to
  10. I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time, and i hope that things will go your way very soon, thank you for YOUR service!
  11. Thank your for your sevice as well! yes I've thought about it and I actually had an interview with a new job back in the states last week on friday, hoping to get back stateside as soon as possible! That being said I'm going to hold onto the money for a bit just in case I do get hired so I can use it for the whole house hunting and moving deal.
  12. i know this post is old but would any of you happen to know on the SF15 form if you select the first disabiliy preference or the second one, i also have over 30%, i have the letter, i just don't want to select the wrong one. I picked the first one even though the second one says for 10% and over but the first one says noncompensable so I was hoping that was right
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