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  1. checked my bank account today, the VA paid me the difference they left out for the last payment. already received all of my retro and it is the correct amount, so now everything is good to go and I have nothing ele to worry about. Thanks again everyone, Im really glad I found this forum and im really glad you all took the time out of your day to reply to my questions. I will be coming back to these forums regularly now so that i may help and give other veterans advice. hope you all have a great day!- Earl
  2. thanks everyone! feels great! BUT, i just checked my ebenefits just now to see if my first recurring payment at 100% would be showing up already, well, the recurring payment is showing to be paid on 5/31 (because june 1st falls on a weekend)...well, instead of it showing my new recurring payment for 100%, it is showing that I will be receiving an amount for my OLD rating of 60%....what gives? i have my approval letter for 100%, I have the documents on EBennies showing im now at 100%, and I even have my Retro payment for being increased to 100%, but my next payment coming in on my payment history is only for my old amount at 60%!? maybe this is just some sort of mistake? or a sick joke?? anyways, ill be on the phone with peggy tomarrow morining! ugh!
  3. so I just checked my bank account online a few minutes ago...and guess what? THEY PAID ME!!! I got my retro!!!! its finally REAL! wooo hoooo!!! I just want to thank all of you for everything! love you all! god bless!!!!!! if any of you ever come to Buffalo, beers on me!!!!!
  4. Ok, so I checked my payment history on EBenefits this morning, and to my suprise I saw my huge retro payment was sent to my bank account! I was jumping for joy!, then I checked my bank account, but its not there, I called the bank, and they said they do not see anything coming in or pending. So, maybe since its such a large amount it will take another day or two, who knows, but im so close i can taste it!. Every time ive ever checked my payment history on EBenefits, the date it said it was sent to the bank is the day the money was actually cleared in my bank, this is the only time that it actually hasnt. Ill wait until tomarrow and take a look I guess!
  5. P.S. Dot09...why do you think it will be on the 6th or 7th next month?...just curious...
  6. Thanks Everyone! it feels great that my claim is finally complete, but it still hasnt really sunk in for me I guess...I just cant really believe it until I have the money in my account. Ive read many other forums on this site about horror stories of veterans waiting a very long time, even some waiting over a year and still they have not recieved their retro payment...which is ridiculous and should not ever happen...im just keeping my fingers crossed that will not happen to me. Ill keep checking my payment history on Ebennies and obviously checking my bank account for payment, and I will let you all know (hopefully) when it finally comes. wish me luck! god bless- Earl
  7. today my claim on ebenefits has finally moved to complete! and my AB8 letter shows me at 100%!...i cant wit until i finally get paid, hopefully by the 1st of next month im hoping!
  8. if your claim is under review IMO youve got quite a while to wait until its complete..maybe a year, or two
  9. today I just moved back forward to "preparation for notification"...ill keep you guys posted on what happens next
  10. Dot09 thats great! congrats! so you got your retro before even getting you official award letter in the mail!? thats awesome congrats again!
  11. where did you view on Ebenefits that your claim was decided? did you look at the downloadable documents (such as your AB8 letter and notice the change in your percentage?) ... or were you at the "complete" mark on the claims status bar? I would rest assured if yours says "complete"..that means they actually dropped the envelope in the mail from what I understand....im sure you will see something in a few days! I talked to my VA Rep. today and she told me that if I dont see anything in the mail within the next 2 weeks to give her a call and let her know (told her I was back at pending decision approval on Ebenefits and she sort of disregarded it) So, we will see. I cant wait until its solid and I have it on paper officially...and when I do, ill buy everyone on here a burger and a beer, Im a man of my word- Earl
  12. thanks Dot09...how long have you been waiting now? (since recieving a call/unoffical lett from your VSO) for the actual "big brown envelope" to arrive?
  13. it says youre already 100% disabled on your profile under your name. my VSO works at the VA, she is in the VA hospital in Buffalo NY where there is a dept of veterans affairs office. I figured she must know for sure if it was approved or not. how long did you wait after your VSO gave you unofficial notification did you get your big brown envelope?
  14. SHE was the one who called ME...so she must have getten some sort of official notification from the VA? right?
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