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  1. Day 210 Supplemental lane 7 contentions Moved to Pending Decision Approval as of Jan 1st 2019!!! Estimated completion Feb 4th - Mar 23rd 2019
  2. 100% agreed... Day 203 November 21st 2018 came and went. No changes to report to my ramp progress. Still says estimated closing date of Nov 2018-Mar 2019
  3. 5 years for an appeal is nothing. Can easily be 7-10 years. Seriously, not joking. So if you were 3 years into your appeal and only have to weight another 15 months...thats still less than 4.5 years.... Mine started September 2015 and my ramp should be done by March 2019....Still far better than regular appeal. I really don't care. I remember when just regular claims took 27 months. Seems like just yesterday
  4. November 21st 2018 came and went. No changes to report to my ramp progress. Currently day 183
  5. Duty to assist letter????? What was the outcome?
  6. My Ramp started June 1st 2018. My estimated completion in 21 November 2018- 3 March 2019. If I were you I'd check your ab8 letter. It seems as though they closed on somthing and then opened another.
  7. I'm on day 183 with an estimated closing day of March 3rd. Still better than 5 years in the legacy appeal system
  8. I opted in June 1st. 165 days later I'm at prep for decision with an estimated completion date of 21 Nov 2018---March 2019. I like Ramp. I'm in the supplemental lane. If I get zero increases I will try again in the higher review lane. If that fails I will go to bva and see a judge. I like all these chances to win lol. Plus...Its all the same to me. I know out of my 9 contentions I'm gonna win at least a few when I get to the bva. I'm currently at 60 months worth of back pay when I win my appeal. If that turns into 70, 80 or 100 months playing their silly game then that's fine.
  9. Estimated completion dates according to ebenifits has been changed to November 21 2018 - March 17, 2019
  10. Estimated completion dates according to ebenifits has been changed to Dec 4th 2018 - Feb 3rd 2019
  11. Broncovet. Well said man. I've been rated 50% for hearing loss and 10% for tinnitus since 2013. I feel it's worst now at 38 then when I got that rating at 33. Depression is huge with my hearing loss. I mean HUGE. I often give up talking to others before I even try. As far as the imo or one. Me and a buddy both used Dr Bash to right an IME for both of us. The person who looked at my friends a greed with everything the ime said and my buddy got 100%...up from his prior 80% The person who looked at mine contested everything in the ime and I remained at my previous 70% I guess the point is.....Yes it's a great weapon....But you are still fighting a flawed system
  12. Good luck!!!!! Ramps moving slow for you. Most who opted into Ramp in March are already at claim complete. I'll take this as a good sighn though. Denials can come faster than approvals and a c@p likely means they need a proper rating for your disibilities. I sense a win coming!!!!!!!!
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