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  1. Indeed you are correct. Your response was the best I've ever received to a question in my 11 years of visiting such forums and I whole heartedly thank you. I have looked at the slides you provided once. Only 9 times more to go.
  2. Wow. Just 2 days with judge!!!!! I was legacy as well...then changed to Ramp...denied and then changed to AMA.. I saw judge December 10th or 12th in Nevada. Can't remember for sure but I'm thinking 10th. March 5th it changed to waiting to be assigned to judge but still no further movement. How long was your appeal at this waiting to be assigned to judge phase? Results of your appeal if you don't mind? I understand if too personal
  3. August 2013 some of my claims denied July 2014 I reopened same denied claims and denied again I did a nod in June 2015 for the claims denied Saw judge via video conference Dec 10th 2019 March 5th 2020 my status changed to waiting for judge to be assigned So now it's March 23 and it's still saying waiting for a judge to be assigned I know that even once a judge is assigned I could still wait a month or 2 on a decision... But 2 quedtions.... HOW LONG DID IT TAKE YOU TO BE ASSIGHNED A JUDGE AFTER SEEING JUDGE LIVE OR ON VIDEO CONFERENCE? WILL MY BACK PAY SHOULD I WIN BE BACK TO 2014 WHEN I REOPENED THE DENIED CLAIMS OR BACK TO 2013 WHEN I ORIGIONALLY WAS DENIED THE CLAIMS thank you
  4. Back to 2002!!!!!! Are we talking 7 figures here. Holy cow and a big congrats
  5. They approved me for ssdi at 34 years old and gave me 68k in retro..so I sing a happy tune about them lol. I will heed your advice. Thank you very much
  6. My dad is 63 He retired from us post office at 55 He was under the old crs system and not the new Fers retirement system. So he paid very little into social security. He did pay 4 years as while in the airforce Then after retiring post office he worked at Wal-Mart for 4 years and paid into SS He currently gets aprox $300 a month from SS He has recently received a rating of 80% from the VA. Is he now eligible to convert from regular SS to SSDI through the Wounded Warrior program and perhaps receive more money from social security? Or is it too late? Thank you
  7. Unfortunetly it didn't record Bad news= Dad got 60%, $1,234.00 a month Ok news= that's just what they decided so far....claim still open till next month while they decide left shoulder, right shoulder and scars. So likely 80%, $1,795.00 a month once those decisions are finalized Good news= Dad had surgery on right shoulder 5 years ago and is still recovering from a recent surgery on his left shoulder he had a few months ago..So it's Highly likely he is placed on a convalescent rating of 100%, $3,300 a month for a few months. It's always amazing when you can say the bad news is 60% lololol It took 15 minutes to explain this all to my parents. But they were very happy
  8. My dad was in the airforce in the 1970s and I decided to do a VA claim for him. It was very successful to say the least. Listen to our happy phone call
  9. Here's my timeline2014 denied quite a few claims2015 reopened the claims I was denied and was again denied due to never being notified of several c@p exams that I didn't attend due to not being notified2016 put in Nod appeal2018 changed from NOD appeal to RampJan 2019 denied all Ramp appealsFeb 2019 put in Nod for ama see a judge laneAMA Hearing scheduled Dec 2019So in my case the ama see a judge lane only took 10 months from NOD filed to hearing dateColor me impressed...I figured it would be 2 years.So......now what do I do lol????? DAV filed the ama NOD for me. Will one of them go with me to see the judge ala video conference?That seems to make sense to me but I have no clue????With my ssdi see a judge video conference my lawyer did all the talking...Will DAV be there to do the talking....or do you see the judge alone.I'm 60% for hearing loss and the thought of talking to a judge through a tv by myself could go bad real quick since I don't hear so good lol.
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