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  1. Officially closed today. 7.5 years later after asking if depression could be secondary to hearing loss.... I was awarded 30% for depression secondary to hearing loss lol.
  2. Sorry so many questions. Is tdiu from the same etoligy possible with... 50% hearing loss 30% depression secondary to hearing loss 10% tinnitus. I also have other disibilities that make my total current rating 80% but they are not ear related.
  3. ...PRELIMINARY RESULTS BASED ON EBENIFITS... I've was rated 0% for hearing loss in 200420% hearing loss 200930% hearing loss plus 10% tinnitus 201150% hearing loss 2013In 2013 I put in a claim for depression secondary to hearing loss. I had a doctors evaluation that stated my depression was due to my hearing loss. It was denied in 2014Within a year I appealed to bva.Several years pass and in 2018 my bva appeal converts to a ramp appeal. In 2019 my Ramp appeal for depression secondary to hearing loss was denied.Within a year I start an AMA see a bva judge lane appeal. I include a second letter from a doctor also stating my depression is due to my hearing loss.In 2020 the judge denied my depression secondary to hearing loss and stated that my doctor did not specifically use the phrase "atleast as likely as not"In 2020 within a year of the bva denial I start a supplemental claim and include two new letters from 2 doctors and ensure they both state atleast as likely as not.I attend a c@p exam and 8 days later Ebenifits shows that I am now service connected at 30% for depression secondary to hearing loss...BUT WITH AN EFFECTIVE DATE OF DECEMBER 2020Any thoughts on why such an effective date would be selected?I "feel" that I did everything to preserve my 2013 start date
  4. The contention was left knee pain. Took 7.5 years but victory taste sweet. Ended up with 10% for pain and 10% for instability
  5. I never let the ball drop and continued moving the ball forward within the 12 month limit of each denial. So I should receive retro back to June 2013. But you never know lol
  6. Thank you Gentlemen. I'm feeling good about it. I paid 3 differant shrinks to do evaluations for me. Each stated at the end of their respective reports that depression was atleast as likely as not due to my hearing loss. The shrink at my c@p exam told me that she will be writing her report to say that my depression is due to my hearing loss.
  7. I submitted a claim for depression secondary to hearing loss in 2013 It was denied in 2014 I tried again in 2015 It was denied 2016 2016 I appealed through bva 2018 it converted to Ramp 2019 Ramp was denied 2019 opened AMA appeal 2020 AMA appeal denied 2020 opened suplemental claim Jan 2021 c@p for depression secondary to hearing loss Examiner told me she will write a favorable report. Now I wait for outcome.....hope this time it works out...its been a long 7.5 years
  8. Got out of military 2004 (medical discharge) 2005 VA gave me 0% 2009 fought and got 20% 2010 fought and got 30% 2012 fought and got 40% 2013 fought and got 70% 2014 fought and denied claim 2015 fought and denied reconsideration of claim 2016 fought and submitted appeal 2017 hurry up and wait 2018 appeal changed to new ama 2019 ama appeal denied 2019 changed to bva appeal 2020 BVA appeal decision from judge November 2020 awarded 80% INTERESTED TO SEE WHAT THE NEXT 15 YEAR BATTLE WILL HOLD Regardless. I never in a million years thought I'd one day be 80% 12k to doctors independant exams 1k in plane tickets 40 plus doctors visits Physical therapy xs 2 Hundreds of hours reading and learning on hadit War is Hell...But victory is oh so sweet
  9. Indeed you are correct. Your response was the best I've ever received to a question in my 11 years of visiting such forums and I whole heartedly thank you. I have looked at the slides you provided once. Only 9 times more to go.
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