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  1. killemall

    My Ramp progress

    November 21st 2018 came and went. No changes to report to my ramp progress. Currently day 183
  2. killemall


    Duty to assist letter????? What was the outcome?
  3. My Ramp started June 1st 2018. My estimated completion in 21 November 2018- 3 March 2019. If I were you I'd check your ab8 letter. It seems as though they closed on somthing and then opened another.
  4. I'm on day 183 with an estimated closing day of March 3rd. Still better than 5 years in the legacy appeal system
  5. I opted in June 1st. 165 days later I'm at prep for decision with an estimated completion date of 21 Nov 2018---March 2019. I like Ramp. I'm in the supplemental lane. If I get zero increases I will try again in the higher review lane. If that fails I will go to bva and see a judge. I like all these chances to win lol. Plus...Its all the same to me. I know out of my 9 contentions I'm gonna win at least a few when I get to the bva. I'm currently at 60 months worth of back pay when I win my appeal. If that turns into 70, 80 or 100 months playing their silly game then that's fine.
  6. killemall

    My Ramp progress

    Estimated completion dates according to ebenifits has been changed to November 21 2018 - March 17, 2019
  7. killemall

    100% finally

    Huge congrats!!!!!
  8. killemall

    My Ramp progress

    Estimated completion dates according to ebenifits has been changed to Dec 4th 2018 - Feb 3rd 2019
  9. Broncovet. Well said man. I've been rated 50% for hearing loss and 10% for tinnitus since 2013. I feel it's worst now at 38 then when I got that rating at 33. Depression is huge with my hearing loss. I mean HUGE. I often give up talking to others before I even try. As far as the imo or one. Me and a buddy both used Dr Bash to right an IME for both of us. The person who looked at my friends a greed with everything the ime said and my buddy got 100%...up from his prior 80% The person who looked at mine contested everything in the ime and I remained at my previous 70% I guess the point is.....Yes it's a great weapon....But you are still fighting a flawed system
  10. killemall


    Good luck!!!!! Ramps moving slow for you. Most who opted into Ramp in March are already at claim complete. I'll take this as a good sighn though. Denials can come faster than approvals and a c@p likely means they need a proper rating for your disibilities. I sense a win coming!!!!!!!!
  11. Woot woot@!!!!! Huge congrats
  12. Aug 2015- denied claim for numerous contentions July 2016- notice of disagreement to start appeal against denied contentions Feb 2018- offered Ramp entry June 1st 2018- opted into Ramp Jun-Aug 2018- gathering evidence phase August 31 2018- prep for decision phase Atlanta Georgia is handling my Ramp claim Estimated completion dates according to ebenifits is Oct 10th- Dec 3rd 2018. Currently at day 108 of my Ramp progress
  13. killemall

    Won EED back to 1993

  14. killemall

    Claimed Denied

    "When I came to from Korea, I was attached to the rear d.there I was in charge of those soldiers coming back from the combat zone so which I trained before deploying.Seeing my peers and fellow soldiers come back traumatized to pointbof not knowing their names,injured and some died made me feel some kinda of way.I even attended to of my best friends funeral who was killed in combat.This is when I felt like a coward and started to drink in order suppress my anger and second guessing my loyality to my brothers I arms." man...this sounds almost exactly like me. Army Infantry on the same base for 7 years. My unit got deployed to Iraq and I stayed rear D because of disibilities I was later medically discharged for. Honestly I never felt like a coward or anything. I had just been deployed to Egypt for 7 months and frankly I was more than happy to stay home with my family lol. They put me as the acting platoon Sgt of roughly 30 guys who stayed back on rear D. Extremely easy gig. but...yup...our buddies who had been killed..their names started popping up and one by one injured people started coming back. Shot 8 times and lived.....shot in the head and lived. My friends before they left...but man..seeing them like that is hard. Especially when your the ncoic and they need your help for out processing and the 100 things that come along with it. But....I was fine. Didn't feel like a coward and too me it's all just a mix of life and luck. So and so got blown up..so and so is in rear D. Just life and luck that I have no direct control over. until......... They told me Sgt Nxxxxxx had been shot in the head and died. He was a good buddy of mine. I wan the transportation section and he ran the ammunition section. We worked side by side in support platoon for a few years... here's the thing....When I wasn't medically cleared to go to Iraq, they put Sgt Nxxxxx in my position is battalion transportation nco. Everything we do we stage our vehicles in a very precise order, not based by name...but by position. Basically if I hadn't got a P3 profile then I would have been sitting in that humvvee and shot in the head instead of Nxxxxxx. At his funeral I saw people pointing at me. Even his wife gave me the coldest eye contact. I will never use his death for personal gain regardless of how I feel. I'm lucky and he's gone. Why should I try and get money for that???? hell focking no.............Im with Asknod.....Just no.... I do have a claim in for depression secondary to my hearing loss though.
  15. killemall

    Quest To Prove Tbi

    My tbi RAMP appeal is currently in prep for decision. Hopefully this quest ends in September 2018 lol. How some of you go through this for 10 or 20 years is beyond me. 6 years feels like an eternity to be stressing over the outcome of a contention.

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