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  1. Congratulations. I would check the web site and see if you have the bank account on file that you want your money to go to. If you do that the money should appear there about the time you get your letter.
  2. I would not hold my breath on anything a VSO tells you. I am waiting on a remand from the BVA to the VARO now as the Montgomy VARO could'nt find its ass with both hands until the BVA reopend my claim after 38 years of VARO Crap.
  3. kanewnut First I think you are confusing your TDIU rating of 100% with a Supplemental rating (70% & 40% or 60%, 30%, and 10%). A TDIU is based on your unemployability by what I saw in the records you submitted to the forum that the Vocational Expert rated you as unemployability in 2000 and the VA as September 5, 2017. You stated "I received SSDI solely for SC disabilities." The question is what SC disabilities do you have so SSDI rated you as unemployable. If the VA has not rated you as a 100% for the SSDI reason that it is an issue with the VA that you should appeal. If it is the sam
  4. Regulation updates go into effect this February 7th.Major changes:- 4 new codes- 31 revised codes- 3 removed codes- knee stability ratings major change- joint replacement/resurfacing major change, including, — replacement revisions will require all parts to be replaced to qualify for subsequent temp 100s — 12 months of temp 100 for convalescence now reduced to 4 (total now 5 months vs 13) Link======> Federal Register __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AGENCY: Depart
  5. I think afer seeing this past on "5, 10, and 20. Some of what I thought was a 5 year rule on not changing your ratting came from this. " Ddsr E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class Chief Petty Officers 22 262 posts Location:US NAVY GULF VFW 90-94 Interests:Approved first time SSDI and TDIU. The key was having that VR Feasibility Letter.My son is my life. I enjoy sports and watching my boy grow and become a greater man than me. Service Connected Disability: TDIU Branch of Service: U.S.N.
  6. Snakes I am working on filing for service connection because I am disabled via Social Security because of my knees. When Social Security disables you they file their forms that state the reasons why you are unemployable. I call the local SS office and talked to the Supervisor over the local office and told her I need to get a copy of any documents that they have that shows why I was unemployable. Ask them for "Form SSA-831-U3 DISABILITY DETERMINATION AND TRANSMITTAL" and "Form SSA-4268 EXPLANATION OF DETERMINATION" file them with your UI claim. If what Social Security has made you unempl
  7. kanewant I beleave you are right with the link below. I was probily thinking of the "Protected Ratings. https://www.veteranslawblog.org/va-benefits-reduction/
  8. Yes GB I wish I had thought of it sooner and had the time to put it out there. I hope he will continue them after the first of the year and take advantage of them. it worked for me.
  9. I posted this in this thread. Checkout the Veterans Law Blog That is where I read about the 5 Year VA rule (I Think) The Link below will give you good information, https://www.veteranslawblog.org/total-va-disability-ratings/
  10. Thanks john999 for confirming what I have known for some time. Too much bad information floating around out there.
  11. I am writing this because I have had great success using the Live Tele-Townhalls with Under Secretary Paul Lawrence. I can not say enough about him and his staff. I have listened to about 5 of them live of which 3 of them I peatipitced in. If you Press #3 and ask a question even if you do not get to talk to Dr. Lawrence live his staff will call you back and try to resolve your issues. And no I am not a VA Employee. I want to also note that Dr. Lawrence was appointed by the current administration. It is my hope he will stay in the new administration. He and his staff has been and are of g
  12. I have read the same thing as above when it comes to Knee surgery (Knees are one of my problems-no surgery yet I am 4 years over do)
  13. If you injured to your back and hips as a result of my TKRs are not related to your TDIU you should file them as individual claims. If your hipps are related to your back it should be filed as a secondary to your back.
  14. Snakes I am sorry i didn't see your post tell now. I know I read about this on the Veterans Law Blog. I am kind if in the middle of some lengthy stuff regarding my claims that has a time limit on it. I will try to answer this or give you a resource to answer some of your questions. First off listing to VSO tell you or other veterans tell you that "be careful if don't apply to get rated on other issues you are having because the VA will take away your 100 TDIU. In my opinion this is BS you should get ratted on anything that you are service connected . I don't want to slam VSO to much. There
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