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  1. cham1968

    Ball Moved Again! 80%!

    It doesn't cure anything but it DARN sure HELPS! Congratulations GOD BLESS!
  2. cham1968

    TDIU awarded

    WOW! That's what I'm talking about. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! GOD BLESS!
  3. Hi cham1968, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Tbird/Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  4. cham1968

    PTSD Connected finally

    Last month after battling for years I have finally been connected with PTSD. What's scary is I did not claim it this time around, I assumed that without locating all my records and wanting to fight forever, that I would just file for depression/anxiety etc... Low and behold, they connected me with PTSD. So I guess I'm blessed and cursed at the same time :-). To all of those in the struggle please be patient and don't let the slow grind get to you. It will come! God Bless to you all.
  5. thanks for the information I will follow through as I have more time than money.
  6. Thank you for the information. And yes I have filed the Form 9 withing the requested time. Now I guess the wait begins again.
  7. Time Line filed initial claim July 2011 awarded in August 2013 filed NOD September 2013 for increase of three disabilities 1 rated at 10% other 2 rated 0% 1 denied received C & P exam August 2016 awarded 20% and 10% and 10% increases September 2016 Radiculopathy denied however an EMG dated 2012 confirmed it, only Xrays and C&P I'm searching for the proper legal terminology or can I state in my own words my reasoning for the earlier effective date as my original claim date? The 3 disabilities were all previously service connected. It's just hard to understand how you can file a DRO on your initial claim and they take 3+ years to complete it and then make the effective date the date of the C & P Exam. If anyone has the correct or most appropriate information to put on my Form 9 please chime in. Also, if there's an opinion as to whether this will go all the way to the BVA or be handled at the RO. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks to all GOD BLESS KC
  8. cham1968

    Success Story!

    Mike First thank you for your service! Secondly, congratulations on your claim. I would also like to thank you for providing the information associated with your claim. The comments about the VSO's man that was definitely a blessing for if you read enough on here there's not a lot of good comments. Its always good to here good things. again congratulations and God Bless
  9. cham1968


    Congratulation!! Thank you for your service.
  10. cham1968

    July Roll Call

    Hello all It's been a while but just wanted you guys to know that you are not forgotten. I'm still waiting on a DRO at the ATLRO. Its going on 3yrs so far and actually got a email stating they would be done in 60 days from May so I should here something back next week LMBO My hopes aren't that high on that happening. Hope everyone is doing well. God Bless and thank you all for your service!
  11. cham1968

    My "bob" Email Worked! Smc R1

    Outstanding congratulations to you and thank you for the information.
  12. cham1968

    Got My Rating

    Congratulations! And sometimes working does help to break up some complacency. Just remember as others have previously stated the avenue of TDIU is readily available to you whenever you fill that need to do so. Thank you for your service and God Bless
  13. Congratulations, continue forward and fight for what you deserve. God Bless and good luck

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