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  1. cham1968


    What's UP PEEPS? In here still thriving and fighting! Much Love
  2. thanks Asknod, I figured as much, was more curious to see if anyone had a good experience with them? Especially since, they're claiming FREE
  3. I've recently received a denied claim for an earlier effective date. This denial was in relations to an NOD&DRO filled on an original claim July 2011. I didn't receive a C&P until Aug 2016. Which the VA determined to be my effective date. I've got good info from Hadit on the VA's reasoning and had pretty much conceded to move on. Since then I've been contacted via my representative a law firm suggesting to represent me as they had determined there was an error in that denial. Anyone else experienced this? Is anyone familiar with Chisholm Chisholm and Kirkpatrick? Thanks and stay blessed brothers and sisters
  4. Congratulations! It doesn't provide the cure but MAN! It does ease that pain a little. many blessings
  5. Thanks BRONCO VET! yea I've read through several that basically state the same or similar, which gives them a way out in my opinion. Lastly they stuck with the 5200 codes with limitation of motion. I was thinking they should have given the 10% EED of 2011 due to the fact that 5300 states Degenerative arthritis established by X-ray findings will be rated on the basis of limitation of motion under the appropriate diagnostic codes for the specific joint or joints involved (DC 5200 etc.). When however, the limitation of motion of the specific joint or joints involved is non-compensable under the appropriate diagnostic codes, a rating of 10 pct is for application for each such major joint or group. Just thinking out loud, shouldn't they have applied this? thanks again
  6. OK, here goes! Back in 2011 I became aware of VA Disability so I filed my first claim since being Honorably Discharged in 1998. On this claim I became service connected for: Tinnitus(10%) Lumbar Spine (10%) Bi-lateral hips (10%) for a total rating of 40%. I also received: left ankle strain (0%), surgical scars hips (0%) surgical scars wrists (0%) and bi-lateral wrists (0%) Upon this receipt I then filed an 2013 NOD instituting a DRO for bi-lateral wrists (0%) and Lumbar Spine (10%). The DRO then provides a C&P on August 2016. Upon completion the VA institutes the following ratings Lumbar Spine (20%) and bi-lateral wrists (10%) which brings my total rating to 60%. In my mind and from what I've read these ratings should have an Effective Date of 2011? Instead, the VA provides an Effective Date of 2016 which I then appealed to the BVA. The BVA in turn concurred stating that increased ratings shall have the earliest effective dates of the earliest time it is ascertainable that an increase in disability had occurred. Now bare in mind that my injuries are documented in my service records dating back as far as 1989 and continued through to this date with at least 4 wrist surgeries in service, X-ray evidence, listed pain, a medical board for the wrists and injuries recorded for my back with DJD and dextroscoliosis. Any suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated KC
  7. It doesn't cure anything but it DARN sure HELPS! Congratulations GOD BLESS!
  8. WOW! That's what I'm talking about. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! GOD BLESS!
  9. Hi cham1968, Thank you for your donation! We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks Tbird/Veterans Affairs Disability Compensation Benefits Forums - HadIt.com Veterans
  10. Last month after battling for years I have finally been connected with PTSD. What's scary is I did not claim it this time around, I assumed that without locating all my records and wanting to fight forever, that I would just file for depression/anxiety etc... Low and behold, they connected me with PTSD. So I guess I'm blessed and cursed at the same time :-). To all of those in the struggle please be patient and don't let the slow grind get to you. It will come! God Bless to you all.
  11. Thank you for the information. And yes I have filed the Form 9 withing the requested time. Now I guess the wait begins again.
  12. Time Line filed initial claim July 2011 awarded in August 2013 filed NOD September 2013 for increase of three disabilities 1 rated at 10% other 2 rated 0% 1 denied received C & P exam August 2016 awarded 20% and 10% and 10% increases September 2016 Radiculopathy denied however an EMG dated 2012 confirmed it, only Xrays and C&P I'm searching for the proper legal terminology or can I state in my own words my reasoning for the earlier effective date as my original claim date? The 3 disabilities were all previously service connected. It's just hard to understand how you can file a DRO on your initial claim and they take 3+ years to complete it and then make the effective date the date of the C & P Exam. If anyone has the correct or most appropriate information to put on my Form 9 please chime in. Also, if there's an opinion as to whether this will go all the way to the BVA or be handled at the RO. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks to all GOD BLESS KC
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