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  1. what can they do? should I go to the DAV and get a rep? I thinking about trying to go outside the VA I got to see how that works. Thanks alot Carlie.
  2. wow i wasn't expecting a response after a few days..but since u guys did I really appreciate it.. the denial listed two things 1. there is no diagnosis for Post tramatic stress disorder 2. There is no medical evidence that supports a claim for Post tramatic stress disorder. (or something like that) We concede you did experience a stressful event or threat of terriorist activity. I was confused when they told me this. I told them I dont have any relationships with my friends/family and I HATE large crowds. I have nightmares of the events and I have this quick temper for even the smallest thing as well as other stuff. I don't know I think the examiner killed my claim. Seemed to be judgemental and I was hard for me to open more to him. I well try to get them to re-open it this time get my brother and wife to submit statements and see how that goes. Thanks for all the help people.
  3. claimed denied..got my letter today... va states i experienced a stressful event but it was not sufficent... going to walk away from the package now and read it later...
  4. no its the same..i'm thinking the worst waiting for the evelope thanks anyway
  5. quick update claim is closed, I'm waiting on the va's brown evelope now. I will let you guys know the outcome.
  6. thank you for your guidance...maybe for once in my life luck will be on my side since its seems like the end is near i'll try not to get to antsy...
  7. i'm not complaining just a little concerned ya know "if its too good to be true", as for the info thanks a lot
  8. Hello everyone, I have a question about my claim. It's been open since Dec 2011, but it was closed because i didnt give them more info. I submitted info to the VA in May/June then I had a C&P exam on Jul 9. Then soon after my exam the claim went to Prepartion of a Decision and now today its Pending Decision Approval. I'm thinking to too fast and they are going to deny me. Any insight will be helpful. Thanks Claim: PTSD Service: 2002-2009
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