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  1. Ok thank you. I will refile for Syncope and file a new claim for Anaphylatic Shock. Thank you, Ruben
  2. Hi again, Thanks for the info, sorry I am late. I wanted to get a suggestion in my situation. While I served in active duty I was diagnosed with both Syncope and Anaphylactic Shock. All of my medical records state that my condition was an Alergic Reaction or Syncope. When I filed with the VA they awarded me 10% for Ventricular Arrhythmias (sustained), but no where in my records does it state that is my issue. Also, it was never sustained. I have passed out many times and have gone to the emergency room numorous times. My faint spells have been related to Anaphylactic Shock and/or Syncope. I am planning on re-filing. Am I elegible to file for a CUE? Because Syncope and Anaphylactic Shock are rated at 100%, Right or wrong? Well that is why I am asking you. Thank you in advance, Ruben
  3. Great information here. I'm an E4 Red Leg. Been out a while just surfing here for info and fun.
  4. According to § 4.29 Ratings for service-connected disabilities requiring hospital treatment or observation. If a service member was hospitalized for 21 days or more that service member is automatically grated 100% upon applying. My father was medically discharged from the Army in June of 1978. During his service he was admitted to United States Army Hospital, Ft. Hood, TX for just under 3 months. When he applied for VA compensation he was given 10% from VA and he has 50% from the Army. He suffers from Schizophrenia, paranoid type, and he is getting worse, so I was going to help him file an increase. That is when I found his records state he was in the hospital for 3 month. If he is eligible for a CUE how should we proceed? Should we file for an increase first then a CUE? Thanks, Ruben
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