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  1. Thank you to everyone for the support i too hope your successful in your claims and are adjucated very soon !!! Billygoat
  2. I received a call from the ro the man told me i was approved at 50% today i got the letter from vso ebennies shows prep for notification any ideas when i will see payment all letters updated in ab8 Thanks Billygoat
  3. Thank you all for the good advice i just spoke with the 202 case management folks they said that a final decision has been made this morning and the bouncing around is common with a claim that has alot of miles on it i checked ebennies now i am back at pending decison awaiting word i again want to thank the good folks here for uplifting my spirits when i was down. Thanks Billygoat
  4. today claim moved back to preparation for decision i honesty think they are toying with me 7/23/12 pending decision approval 9/7/12 prep for decision 9/12/12 Pending decision approval 9/17/12 back to prep for decision Age of claim 2 years 0 months 0 days = 720 as of Sep 17,2012 i am totally ready to go off the deep end
  5. Tugger50 here is the latest data for seattle claims info i got from calling the 800 number this week The Development Phase is completed on most claims in Seattle is 237 days. The Decision Phase average for Seattle is 57 Days as of 9/10/2012 The Notification Phase average for Seattle is 29 Days as of 9/10/2012
  6. A bit of good news today i spoke with my DAV rep i now have a new suspense date of 10/7/12 and my claim is in a pod ready to rate. Funny thing though the VA classified my claim as a DES claim i have been out of the service since aug 1997 i am thinking this could be one of the reasons why my claim is 714 days old any advice on this topic would be helpful. Thanks, Billy
  7. Tugger50 i thought seattle had another office in Auburn wa they must be smothered to farm out your claim to KY i hope your claim comes through soon mine has been going now for 714 days. Billy
  8. ghillbe i know your pain mine was sitting in gathering evidence stage for about 14 months and it only moved when i went to the regional office dwtn and asked what was going on. Later that morning it went to Pending decision approval.
  9. Today i called the 800 number and the clerk told me my claim went to the rater on sept 7th that explains why my claim moved backwards to preparation for decision from pending decision approval. Question why would she say it went to the rater on 9/7/12 when vso told me it was ready to rate july 22 when it was in the pending decision phase? The Average decision phase in Seattle is 57 days and notification phase is 29 days that would make it Sept 18th for preparation for notification. wonder why all the jerking around 711 days and counting for initial claim. Any ideas much appreciated. Billy 9/17/10 1. Claim Received 2. Under Review 11/29/10 3.Gathering of Evidence 4. Review of Evidence 5. 9/7/12 Preparation for Decision 6. 7/23/12 Pending Decision Approval 7. Sept 18th Preparation for Notification 8. Oct 18th Complete
  10. has anyone ever had it show up on their ebenifits page where that section "what we need from you" is Gone" I looked at mine today and all i have is what they have received 2 pages worth lol. my claim did go backwards one spot to preparation for decision i am not mad though it's been 709 days since i filed in Seattle. Thanks Billy
  11. Once in a while you get a letter from your regional office stating the following Your claim is awaiting review of all the development to determine if additional actions are needed. Once the claim is determined to be ready for a decision, it will be delivered to our rating team for a decision. The development phase takes approximately twelve to fourteen months. The rating decision phase takes approximately two to three months and the notification phase takes approximately sixty days. A notification letter with a copy of the rating decision will be sent to you once it is completed. If you have one of the following: foreclosure notice, eviction notice and or a utility shut off notice. We can expedite your claim due to financial hardship. We are working on claims in the order we received them oldest to newest. Thank you for your service and patience. Now let me show you how the bold statement is false claimant no 1 files their claim Sept 2010 Claimant #2 files in Nov 2010 claimant # 2 waits 600+ days!! bingo claim gets processed while claimant #1 is pending 700+ days. If my math serves me correct claimant no#1 should have been processed first?? Why does the VA be untruthful with the veteran i rather you tell me to my face "Hurry up and wait" lol!!!
  12. Hello and thanks to everyone who said hang in there i think i will i went this far no need to turn back thanks for the support!!!
  13. Today i checked ebenefits and for a few hours i got this message Compensation and Pension Claim Status Error We are currently unable to access information about the claims you have filed with VA. If you need help, please call 1-800-827-1000. then just a few mins ago i checked it again and now my claim does not show up? any idea what this could mean i was in the pending decision stage. Thanks Billygoat21
  14. Thank You, USMC 5811 your 100% correct i have definitive proof that the VA passed on incorrect info Basicall all i want is a face to face meeting with the DRO or rating coach and the congress aide to get answers i only have 2 questions for them I do have a vso from the VFW your thoughts or opinion i would like to know. Thanks Billygoat
  15. No my fellow vets my initial claim is at 695 days now i received a reply from the congressional aide and the copy of what the va wrote on ebenefits it says the congress claim is closed ans appeal is possible. i did not agree with the va answer to the stalling of my claim and i have proof i just want to get someone in the regional office to move their butt and quit looking the the claim once a month and then putting it back in the filing cabinet. Thanks for any and all replies Billygoat
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