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  1. Thank you all so much for the advice. I have an appointment with my provider set up. I am going to submit my FMLA paperwork and we are going to decide the best course of action to take. I am going to apply for FERS retirement since i work for a federal agency. I know that could take a while so it will just be a waiting game. I have one question for those with knowledge of the subject. Does a person have to be unemployed to apply for IU? That was another option I was informed of. I just want to know all of the options I have available. Thank you all
  2. I know you are right, JustRLuck. I've just been worried about the financial implications that going inpatient would have on my family. I guess that shouldn't be my biggest worry now. I'm probably going to lose my job anyway. I still havn't come to terms with not being a Police Officer yet. A few days on the ward would probably benefit me (and my family). I guess i have a desicion to make.
  3. Hello, All I am new to the forum. I am hoping for a little advice from some of you with knowledge on the subject. I seperated from the USAF in 2003 due to depression. I became a police officer on the outside since that's all I had done. In 2005 I was awarded 30% SC for depression. In February of 2011 i was hospitlized for suicidal ideations and lost my ablility to be a police officer and was reassigned. Now I am 50% for Major depression and 70% combined. Things have gotten much worse and I fear I am going to lose my job due to days missed. It is also causing my marriage to fail. I
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