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  1. Just wanted to update my progress with you all here and get some feedback. On my deferred papular urticaria, issue #4 in my original post below, instead of appealing on atopic dermatitis, I did the following: sent in a 41-4138 explaining that all the skin diagnoses were actually referring to the same skin condition and that atopic dermatitis was the diagnosis in 40 of 50 military doctor visits and that papular urticria was only diagnosed one time; I sent in supporting evidence... 2 buddy statements from my husband and from my mother, 14 photographs of my current outbreak, DBQ from my doc
  2. I requested and received a copy of my c -file, including the c&p exams. I was shocked. The doctor made many false statements.... things I never said, wrong diagnosis, even reported tests he didn't even perform. His answers to VA questions were short responses & did not detail the actual facts concerning my contentions. There was a lot of erronous info in his report. This was an exam contracted out to QTC. Is there anything I can do? I read somewhere that there is a form that can be sent in, requesting the VA corrects erronious info in your file. Is this true? And does anyone
  3. AFMedic09... Just curious... What criteria is needed for the 20% rating for the TVT. I also had that proceedure twice during active duty. But the VA rated me 0% on urinary incontenance only. However, the VA did make a mistake and has the TVT erroniously listed as DVT (deep vein thrombosis) which I do not have and which I denied at the C&P exam, so the actual TVT has never really been recognized as a contention.
  4. Thanks for answering, Berta. How can the VA deny SC, when conditions are clearly diagnosed many times in my active duty medical record? Shouldn't I, at least, be given SC on these conditions with 0%? “ Were these conditions formally claimed? No, this was the my original claim, started on the BDD program and filed on my retirement, 01 Feb, 2012. “Was this the right thing to do? “ Yes Should I go ahead and file an appeal on the conditions denied and have my doctor write a letter explaining that all the different diagnoses are referring to the same skin condition or should I
  5. Thanks,Tbird! I looked at the definitions list, but still didn't see "SMC". "SMR" was on there, but not sure if that is what was J was refering to. Berta... The DFAS audit has been completed, so I'm just waiting on my retro (effective date 01 March for payments withheld). My first VA monthly payment should come 1 Sept, since my effective date for payment not withheld is 01 Aug. Still no replies to my post in the appeals section. Hope some of ya'll will take a look. Not sure if I should use my VSO for my appeal process, since I've heard the file can be held up for a long time waiti
  6. Sorry, J, but I'm having trouble keeping track of all the acronyms used here. If ya'll have a list somewhere, please let me know where to find it. Not sure what "SMC" is.
  7. This should be posted somewhere, like the help section on how to use the forums. I've been reading on here for a few weeks and could never figure out who "Peggy" was. I finally did a search on "Peggy" and after reading many of the results, came upon this thread that finally explained who she was. I had figured she must be an important and very overworked VA rep. LOL
  8. I'm also having this problem. I can't get into my profile, settings or anything from the pull down under my user name. Does this have to do with the policy about new users posts being reviewed before they show up? Do we also have to meet some criteria to update our profile, etc...?
  9. Hopefully, an admin or mod will bump me up soon, even though I'm new to the site. I've been waiting for my posts to show up and eager to get replies.
  10. Howdy from Texas. I'm so glad I found this site. I just wish I found it prior to my C&P exams. I just retired from the Army this past February after 20 years active duty. I served 15 months in Iraq and was involved in the recovery missions after hurricane Mitch in 1998/99. I'm married and have two daughters in elementary school. Living way out in the country, a two hour drive to Waco, my regional office. 6 months prior to retirement, I did the BDD, which was supposed to make my claim move faster, but I'm not sure it did. I'm 60% SC (30% hysterectomy, 30% PTSD, 10% tinitus, 10% righ
  11. Hi... MissUSMCvet. I actually am new to this site. I was wondering how you got 10% S/C for residuals of bilateral feet surgeries and 10% S/C for scars from feet surgeries. I had bunionectomies on both my feet while on active duty, and still deal with pain in my feet everyday, due to secondary conditions. The VA awarded SC, but at 0%.
  12. Hello all. I retired from the Army this past February. I've been following this forum since I received my initial compensation letter from the VA in July. I've learned a lot here, but I'd like to throw out a few questions, as well as post a letter for your review. I've been rated at 60%. (30% post hysterectomy, 30% PTSD, 10% right hip tendonitis, 10% thoracic spondylosis with scoliosis, and 10% tinnitus.) I also was SC at 0% for ten other conditions. The VA denied SC for eight more conditions. I do not feel I need to appeal every condition denied, but I would like to appeal some of t
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