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  1. After a visit to the hearing lab I was rated 10% for tinnitus. I started life on a cannon cocker then moved to the infantry as a M60 machine gunner in Vietnam. When I asked about the hearing report they said it showed I was around a lot of very loud noises. I didn’t need to be a brain surgeon to understand that. They also gave me hearing aids. Rich
  2. I am seen at the VA in Palo Alto CA and I must say that my care has been A+++. My case is really complex due to my chronic PTSD from Vietnam and my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I am confined to a power chair and it like would look like I have a stroke effecting my left side but it's my MS. The VA treats MS as a spinal cord injury so I am seen by the doctors at the Spinal Cord Injury Center. Most of the doctors are from Stanford. My 8 year struggle with the VA has ended with my being rated R1 and 8 years of back pay. I had to finally take my case in front of a judge at the "Board of Veterans Appeals in Oakland CA." I am sure that a lot of you have heard this before, "Never EVER Give Up." Rich
  3. I really want to hear how this turns out. I had a successful BVA examination a few years ago in Oakland CA. Rich
  4. Finally after 8 years I woke up this morning to 6 figures appearing in my bank account. I went from a M1/2 to R1. The PVA will be filing for R2 in a few months. I couldn't be happier that it is almost over after all these years. Now for our Alaska cruise! Rich
  5. I just looked this morning and I am warmed and very touched by all the comments that I have received. A big thanks to everyone, Rich
  6. Congrats on your win. You deserve every penny. Rich
  7. I can't believe that after 9 years my claim is just about finished. I currently have a SMC M1/2 rating. I won my appeal for bladder and bowel and the PVA rep believes my new rating will be R2. My retro is currently being promulgated and needs three signatures. He stated it should be 6 figures. On pins and needles until it is done, kaput, finally finished.
  8. I spoke with my VSO last week and she said my claim was filed as a 1151 claim. I looked through my decision letter and 1151 is not mentioned anywhere. I am a bit confused as to what is going on. Should it say 1151 somewhere on my claim? I am just playing the waiting game right now. Rich
  9. I went the telephone route for my premium account. I just picked a day and time and on schedule they called. They asked a few questions. The one I remember the most was the dollar amount of my last VA electronic payment.
  10. You are going to love your service dog. I love mine and it's been 8 years and going strong. Rich
  11. This is possibly going to be a load of retro pay, EIGHT YEARS WORTH! I have Multiple Sclerosis and when I went into the PTSD program in Menlo Park I was not able to take my weekly shot of Avonex because of a VA policy that did not allow the use of Interferon. Because of the stress of the program coupled with going off my meds I had a massive exacerbation late 2002. My Kaiser neurologist wrote a letter that stated, In temporal association with the medication withdrawal and the stress of the program, he experienced a significant worsening of preexisting bowel and bladder control problems; such that he ultimately required a colostomy for bowel control. He uses intermittent cauterization for bladder control. It seems to me that the association between these events is more likely than not. The above letter was submitted twice over the years and for reasons beyond my understanding was discounted by the VA. When I showed this letter to the BVA attorney she immediately saw its significance and I finally received a positive ruling granting me, Entitlement to service connection for neurogenic bowel and bladder, as secondary to treatment for service-connected post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I received this ruling just 3 months after my BVA hearing. Now I am just waiting for my new rating. I am currently SMC M1/2. I am hoping for a R1 rating but I am not sure if you need a O/P rating first before you can get a R1. Does anyone know the answer? Rich
  12. I am currently SMC M1/2 and I was just awarded, entitlement to service connection for neurogenic bowel and bladder, as secondary to treatment for service-connected post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). My question is can one go straight to R1 or do you need to be rated O/P before you can be given an R1 rating? Rich
  13. I joined the Army in Dec of 1966 and wound up in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne 67/68. I humped a M-60 until I was shot in March 68. I have Multiple Sclerosis and was just service connected for bladder and bowel. I am currently rated M1/2. Rich
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