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  1. I am 100 service connected for PTSD/MST total and permanent. I am literally going CU-CU in my house because no one understands the hell whole MST effects my life. I need a break from my family to surround myself with people who understand what I am going through without being judged. I heard about a place for veterans with PTSD/MST in the US that provide inpatient care Does anyone know of any programs, inpatient care, intensive inpatient care, day camps (kind of like a summer camp), retreats for MST survivors available in the USA or abroad. Any help guiding me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have been dealing with PTSD/MST for almost 20 years. I haven't worked since 2007. I just got 100% for PTSD due to MST in Jan 2013 but I called to see about getting Social Security ( I have 3 kids) but they told me that since I have not worked in over 5 years I lost out on my social security benefits. Is this even possible? I was fortunate enough to have a husband who supported me financially so since I was not able to work I didn't think at the age of 40 I would even qualify for social security. I am grateful for what I got but I worked for 15 years as a nurse and paid into my Soc Sec. and now they said I waited to long to apply for it. Anyway if anyone knows about social security and would like to educate me about entitlements I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Caroline
  3. I first want to say Thank You for the creator of this website. It almost feels like we are a huge family. Now getting back to my question. I heard through the grape vine that in order to permanently keep your 100% without it being lowered you have to have it for 20 yrs. Is this correct? I was granted 100% for PTSD/MST and 30% for Trigeminal Neuralgia back in Jan 2013. While I was reading my paper work it stated the I was totally and permanently disabled. Does this mean that I do not have to worry about it being down graded to a lower percentage? It also states that I am unemployable. Someone at DAV told me that they had never seen a person being 100% totally and permanent disable and also unemployable at the same time. Anyway if someone could just please tell me how the totally and permanently disabled works I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Caroline
  4. Congrats. My MST was never reported/documented but I went from super trooper to a soldier who just gave up and I was chaptered out with a general discharge under honorable conditions. Unfortunately due to the MST it was documented that I was prego and not prego before I got out. This abrupt pregnancy along with the discharge I waited 15 years to finally get help for the PTSD. It took 20 years but I along with the help of DAV received 100% this past Jan. For those that are going through the process PLEASE never give up. God Bless!
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