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  1. Vietman Veteran wife in need of information. My husband (the Vet) was hospitalized for Atrial Flutter and extremely Low Potassium........VAPCP phoned me and instructed me to take him to the nearest hospital to have potassium injected for fear of a stroke or heart attack. As instructed by his PC I took my husband to the nearest Er.....Two weeks later He had a hear rate over 148 minutes per minute and low blood pressure....This time he was admitted to the hospital with a heart condition called atrial flutter...When released He was placed on warfarin (blood thinner) and a pill to regulate his heart rate...he now has to take 27 pills daily, three oral albuterol breathing treatments, daily steriods and etc....the PCP informed us that alot of the new complications were caused from his medications used for breathing. My husband is serviced connected for asthma. bronchitis, and COPD....(The bronchitis and COPD was awarded last year, each qualified at 100% becasue of his Pulmonary test) According to the schedule of ratings a pulmonary function below 40 perecent function qualifies for a rating of 100% with oxygen dependence...He has been oxygen dependence for five years and had a 100% single rating for asthma. Now please tell me if he has three single 100 ratings for each disease BUT rule 4.96 states these conditions cannot be combined to form a 100% rating.....Should the Rater have given him a single rating of 100% with the most predominant disbility because it states they cannot be combined. He also has a service connected rating of 50% for depression.....I recently filed for SMC and was told that he did not have a single rating because his other respiratory conditions had been include in his 100 percent rating.....Question: Is this one of those cue rating and should I filed a NOD? Please help.
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    Last year, August 2009,I filed a claim for service connection of Bronchitis and COPD. I was granted service connection for both of the disabilities. My Pulmonary Function test which was required to evaluate all three conditions was below the required FEV-1/FVC of 40 perecent for all three disabilities. I am also oxygen dependent, have been from the first 100 perecent rating for Asthma since 2005. I also receivied an additional servie connection rating for depression. PROBLEM: I did not receive SMS becasue the Rater said I did not have a single rating of 100 perecent. Rule 4.96 states that ratings under these respiratory codes will not be combined with each other, a single rating will be assigned under the diagnostic code which refelects the predominant disability. According to the pulmonary function tests. I would have a 100 perecent single rating on all three because my test fell below the required 40 perecent level. My COPD has increase in severity and now warrants the higher evaluation. Question? If these three condition can not be combined according to the rule and my disablity warrants a 100 percent for each , can the Rater combine these and say I do not have a single rating of 100 percent.
  3. I have been reading all the GOOD advice given by fellow veterans for years but today finally decided to join in on the blogs and the chats. I have a current rating of 100 plus 50 rating. I served in the USMC from 1974-1978.
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