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  1. I served on Active Duty in the Army from 1984-1988 with the remainder of my 6 year commitment in the National Guard. I filed for VA Compensation in February 2011, and had my claim completed on September 7, 2012. Of the contentions I claimed, I was approved for 30% PTSD and 10% Chronic Lumbar Strain. I filed for IVDS, Neuropathy, PTSD, and others. I submitted what I thought was a very solid claim for IVDS related to my lower back injury in 1987 that was denied for IVDS because the C&P examiner opined that it was less likely than not that my IVDS was related to the back injury, and more related to years of wear and tear from being overweight. So far both my Neurologist and the Ortho Surgeon that did a discectomy in 2006 have declined to write nexus letters. They just can't get past the idea that the original injury is related to IVDS, and blame my weight. Its very frustrating, because I've had nothing but back issues since the injury, and it wasn't diagnosed as a herniated disk until 2006 (no MRI until then). I've reviewed the training letter on IVDS, and another member's post here about his appeal and hope that I am able to refute this initial denial successfully, but I am seeking an IMO/IME on it if anyone knows a doctor in Oregon/Washington that does them, I would appreciate it.
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