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  1. Well guys my claims closed.got 40% thank God for the blessing.just waiting on brown envelope.thank you all for help
  2. Thaks guys.found this site and told a few other guys.you all have been a blessing
  3. Got a call from waco.guy told me got 40%the on my deferments.i was at 10%.didn'tget to talk long just verifying my info.dont know if this my rating or what it is.any how God is good thank you all for you're help.will update when i find out.my cliam goes back to 2011
  4. Hey claim moved pending approval.pretty fast hope all is well
  5. just a update my claim was stuck in gathering evdance,it jump to prep for decsesion.rating phase.had some claims defered and waithing on ptsd check up.i hope this is good
  6. Well is this good or bad that its going to the dro or is this normal
  7. Hey guys gott letter from va saying that my file had been moved to local or reginoal dro.for new rating and work ups.i have a few defferments still pending is this part of the provisional rating?
  8. i am currently receving 10% ,i had some of my claims defered,but they are still working on them the va just emailed me and informed me the need to know many dependents i have and if any in school.and gave gave me the forms number to fax over.can i get the form off the internet or the va hospitial.and is this something i need to worry about?
  9. how do i fill out form 21-0781.on block 3E.not good at these things
  10. hey found out they sent off to some joint command,to verfiy some of my claim.or some where.is this normal.or what sholud i expect.
  11. hey guy's i got deferred on my the rest of my claim.was awared 10%. for my knees.but deferred on the rest of it back to review of evendince.what does this mean
  12. hey thanks guys,will fight on. still waiting on my sleep study
  13. I was awarded 10% and it went back to reviewing evidence. Thanks for yalls help. At 10% do I get an allowance for my dependents? Looking at the compensation rate table, I don't see a chart for 10% with dependents. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  14. hey thanks guy's.i have upgraded my account.thank you for the help.i have gone to the second to last phase,pending approval
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