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  1. Hi all. After trying to help my ED with VA prescribed sildenafil for the past 5 years, my VA Medical Doc finally cancelled the script. He has been telling me over the past 5 years that my ED is probably from my ptsd meds. I'm on gabapentin, temazepam, doxepin, and sertraline. I would like to file a claim for loss of reproductive organ on ebenefits. Any thoughts how to proceed? Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone: What if it's a weekend and I'm in an emergency room and the doctor gives me a prescription that I need filled right away? I don't have a prescription plan. I am 100% T&P. How does the VA prescription program operate? Thanks for the info. Mike S.
  3. Hi all: From 8/2002 to 9/2010 I was Total and Permanent at 70% for PTSD TDIU. I filed a claim for Housebound 9/2010 which was denied but the 70% TDIU was raised to 100% Schedular and Total and Permanent. Did this change from 70% TDIU to 100% Schedular cause a break in the Total and Permanent guidelines ( like for CHAMPVA and DIC) ? If not, this August makes 10 years as Total and Permanent. Is this correct? Thanks, Mike S.
  4. Hi all: Can a VA doc do a c&p just by reviewing my records? Thanks Mike S.
  5. Hi all: What is the difference between a C&P and a review? I have a claim for housebound. I received a letter from the VARO that they requested a C&P, and that I should be getting an appointment in the mail from my local VAMC. That was a month and a half ago. Today, the VA Doc who refills my ptsd meds told me that another doctor at the VAMC reviewed my records. I asked her what that meant. She said she did not know. I asked her if I was scheduled for a C&P. She said no. Any ideas as to why a review was done instead of a C&P? Thanks, Mike S.
  6. MikeS

    Virtual Va

    WorkAHolic: Thanks for giving me a better idea about how e-benefits works. The C&P that was supposed to be scheduled, then cancelled, was for housebound benefits. The problem is that I was denied housebound benefits last year. Then, the C&P was with a nurse who complained to me that the VA C&P for housebound for veterans with 100% PTSD was inadequate because 99% of the exam focuses on aid and assistance for our brothers and sisters who "physically" are restricted to their homes. I had asked the VARO to reconsider their decision due to an error on the part of a VA doc w
  7. Hi all: My current claim status on e-benefits shows: "Outpatient treatment records from VAMC added to Virtual VA". What does that mean? Also, my claim status shows that the VARO request for a C&P was made on 12/1/2011 and received on 12/15/2011. I never had a C&P although I received a letter from the VARO advising me that a request had been made from them on 12/1/2011. And, I was never scheduled for one either. What happened to my C&P? My claim status is: Preparation for Decision. Any thoughts? Thanks, Mike S.
  8. Hi all: I submitted a letter of reconsideration July 2011 for the March 2011 denial of SMC Housebound benefits claim that I submitted September 2010. The VARO is now calling it a NEW claim submitted July 2011. I have until March 2012 to file a formal NOD to appeal that March 2011. But now I'm confused. Is a letter of reconsideration a NEW claim? I'll lose almost a year of back pay if they consider the letter of reconsideration a NEW claim. The best the I can figure is the VARO can't process a letter of reconsideration as an appeal because no appeal was submitted. So, they h
  9. Same here, and it is getting worse! 182 emails from ebenefits. Uh, maybe there is a problem? Mike S.
  10. Pete, Sharon, and John: In the letter of reconsideration, I submitted new medical evidence from my VA Doc which stated that he made "a grammatical error" on one of my progress notes that was used as the prime reason for the denial. It was an honest "clerical error" by my VA Doc. BUT.............Had the "rater" read the "whole" progress note, he/she would have seen that it was very clearly a clerical error in grammar. My VA Doc is a good guy. He saw the grammatical error, made the correction in a new progress note, gave me a copy, we moved on. It was also very easy with my VA Do
  11. Hi all: I submitted a Letter of Reconsideration for a denial of Housebound benefits this past July 26th. ebenefits shows that the VA is calling my letter a Claim dated 7/29/2011. Because the Letter of Reconsideration is not an Appeal (NOD), is that why they refer to it as a Claim? The original claim for Housebound was denied 3/2011, so I still have time for an NOD. But, because my Claim or Letter is "In Development" according to ebenefits, I thought that I would wait until 2/2012 to see what happens. FYI: My original claim was only for SMC-S Housebound. To my surprise, I wa
  12. Carlie: I will be more involved. It is hard, however, because the VA is NOT consistent with its' claim decisions. But we all know that. I'll do what I can. Mike S.
  13. Hi all: If I get really sick from something that is not sc'd and a civilian doc gives me a prescription for an expensive medication, how do I get the prescription filled by the VA?? I have part A and B Medicare with a supplement. Thanks
  14. You not giving up will help other veterans in the future. You're helping me now! Remember when there was no HADIT???
  15. My VA doc and the c&p doc say exactly that. Actually, they also say that I leave my home area for no reason. Thanks
  16. Hi all: Okay. Looks like I gotta NOD denial for SMC Housebound. C&P results were 70% to 100% ptsd, agoraphobia secondary to ptsd, no breakdown of what was rated what. Sent a letter of reconsideration. No response yet. Want to NOD before my year runs out to do so. My question is: Is the PTSD making me Housebound or is it the Meds?? Meds: Zoloft (depression), Neurontin (anxiety 1500 mg/day.....VA Docs tell me it is the max allowed), Temazepam (sleep), Propranolol (effects on body from anxiety). Thanks, Mike S
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