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  1. Thanks Berta. No I never obtained the c&ps. However on advice from broncovet I learned from my vet serv rep that other issues were "deferred". So a lil more waiting time is in order.
  2. Thanks broncovet. I'm going to talk to my vet service rep later today. The same Dr did 3 exams 6 months ago. This letter only addressed one specific issue. As a matter of fact, this is the final paragraph on the letter: "This rating decision represents a full and final determination of this issue on appeal. As such, this issue is considered resolved in full."
  3. Thanks vetquest. Yeah I thought that was weird too. Was hoping to see all isues adressed at once. No money they just bumped my rating up 10%.
  4. A lil background first. I've had an ongoing appeal with 5 medical issues since 2004. It was remanded and new c&ps were done 6 months ago. I got an award letter today for 1 of the 5 issues. The letter only addressed the 1 issue and did not make reference to the other 4. So my question is if that's normal? Will I be receiving separate letters for the other issues? Thanks in advance.
  5. raidertone

    IU benefit question

    I will. Thanks. Appreciate all the info.
  6. raidertone

    IU benefit question

    Outstanding! Thanks for the info. I need a beer now
  7. raidertone

    IU benefit question

    Wow. I gotta do some research on all this stuff. Does that make me eligible for va dental? I know it wouldn't cover dependents but I thought I read somewhere that the veteran can?
  8. raidertone

    IU benefit question

    Oh wow, thanks seminoles. I was under the impression it was just for 100% scheduler. What a blessing that will be for us. You totally made my day.
  9. raidertone

    IU benefit question

    Filed for IU back in December but the va lost my paperwork, shocker I know. Had to resubmit in July. Looks like I got it. Haven't received envelope yet but ebenefits is showing claim closed and va letters were updated. 80% but compensated at 100% and considered total and permanent. Below is a pic of my benefit summary on ebenefits. Does this mean my family will be eligible for champva and education benefits? Or does that only apply for 100% scheduler? Thanks in advance for any info.
  10. Sorry you're having to go through that brother. But if it makes you feel any better they did the same shit to me and probably others. Hang in there.
  11. Don't sweat it, we all do...even the staunch supporters who say don't check ebenefits daily and get a hobby, still check it...I know I'm guilty...?
  12. Hold on brother...Obviously I don't know your plight but I'll be praying for you.
  13. raidertone

    Effective date and rating changes?

    Huh...I guess they did re do my dates...was balancing my checkbook this morning and found a nice chunk of change courtesy of the treasury ? no word on the IU part yet tho...
  14. raidertone

    Effective date and rating changes?

    Noticed some interesting changes to my ratings and effective dates today on ebenefits. I filed my IU claim on 2/24/16 and haven't been scheduled for new c&p's yet. However I did have some c&p's done in January of this year that took my original 40% rating to the current 80%. It looks like someone increased my ratings, not enough to bump up to 90%, but increased none the less. Also 2 of my 3 effective dates changed also, looks like they went back another 18 months on the dates. This type of thing normal or just another glorious ebenefits glitch?

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