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  1. How are you an E-3 Seaman, with infrantry 1985 attatched to your name and was part of the Army?
  2. To be eligible for VRAP, a Veteran must: Be 35-60 years old, unemployed on the day of application, and not dishonorably discharged; Not be eligible for any other VA education benefit program such as the Post-9/11 GI Bill, Montgomery GI Bill, or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment; Not be enrolled in a federal or state job-training program within the last 180 days; and Not receive VA compensation at the 100 percent rate due to individual unemployability (IU). Thanks for the info Carlie, how about for us that are under 35 y/o and are currently enrolled in post /11 GI Bill? Any ideas?
  3. Bro, first off crazy enough that you were still able to enlist in another service. Second, definitely document everything. You shouldn't have any trouble recieving free treatment since you are still enlisted, but if you happen to get out, just because you stepped into a combat zone you should rate 5 years free health care related to your service connected disabilities, for other issues, you may have to pay a small copay fee. Since youare 30% I know there are other compensations, monetary, and services you can use for free. Just look into it.
  4. My fellow Veterans, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on my troubles as a U.S. Marine Veteran post my discharge this last November… I was mislead into believing that, just because I am a Veteran, there were tons of Veteran Jobs just “waiting for me” when I was released from active duty. Just a little bit about me. I was honorably discharged last November 2011 with 8 years of active military service under my belt. I specialized in Law Enforcement as a Military Policeman with combat and non-combat experience and on top of that, military intelligence, operating as a language specialist. Now, looking in from the outside, I would say that is pretty good resume materials that would land me an awesome veteran job. Well truth is, in a dieing economy it is not enough… I found myself working a job in customer service of all things, because there was just nothing available in my area where I now currently reside that was looking for my special, tangible skills. But, like anyone else, I still needed to pay my bills even though I was now only making half of the amount of money I made in service, and I was a Sergeant. And I didn’t find that job on any Veteran Jobs website. Veteran Jobs..Not Guaranteed Needless to say, I needed something else because truth is, you will not get hired “just because you are veteran”. Don’t get me wrong, there are tons of companies out there that are “looking” to hire veterans. Most high paying ones require that you spend time overseas in another God forsaken country. I'm not willing to do that again. If you have any advice for me, please feel free to respond. Your feedback is much appreciated.
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