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  1. Thank you for the link. It was a little more specific than what I was currently running across. Wish I could find those prorating instructions though. Still, my interpretation of the information on the link you provided is that the effective date is the date of discharge or outpatient surgery (which is the one that applies in this situation). So, he should go to the 100% for a previous SC disability as of the date of surgery, not the following 1st of the month. Thank You.
  2. I have searched the web and it seems regulations I could find before are hiding from me, but I have never found this one. Could someone please tell me where I can find the regulations concerning pay of two married disabled veterans? While I am at it, I guess I will ask for the one that now appears elusive. I found on the web a while back the pay instructions for someone with a 21 day certificate or convelescing from surgery that pay was to be effective the day of discharge or date of surgery to be prorated. Now I can't find it. I have looked in the Chapter 38 regulation, but that isn'
  3. I appreciate the thought on the attorney, but like I said, he has a new job and he isn't willing to risk losing it going after the other job. The issue is where to go with the VA. I was suprised that the advocate didn't help worth a damn either, but upon meeting all of them at his last appointment, I will just say I have never met so many people that are completely apathetic to what is going on with another human being. And yes, I know it sounds crazy that it was rejected, but it was by the Indianapolis VA.
  4. I was just looking for a suggestion as to what approach to take with this as it stands. Anyone?
  5. It has already gone on for 6 months and they said a year as far as increase in s/c. Job would not take him back without a medical release or him signing a statement he wouldn't claim workman's comp if it got worse. He found a new job. Has no other health insurance because that went out the window with the other job. He is working now and was waiting on the VA to schedule the surgery...that is where we hit the brick wall.
  6. This is rather a long story, but hopefully I can keep it brief, but may omit a few important details in the process. I would like some suggestions on how to proceed with this because I am lost at this point. In 1999, my husband had reconstructive surgery on his left shoulder at the VA hospital. Claim was lost and wasn't pursued at the time. In 2004, he refiled and was given service connection 10%. He is a paramedic. His job is to treat and LIFT patients. His shoulder has acted up since the surgery. In July, he left work early (first time ever) because the pain in his left shoulder be
  7. You have already been service-connected for some time, so they don't need to re-evaluate that part of the I wish I could be there with you, but we'll be here and you can post right up until you go through that door. We each have to carry our own rucksacks, but we can all carry them together! Keep us updated. HUGS !! ~Wings In the meantime, since your C-File has been forwarded to the VAMC that's going to examine you, you do have the opportunity then and there to
  8. Thanks, Wings. Looking at the site in just a second. This is getting to be a merry go round with who has got the file. I will post the state when I get the letter that I was made P and T in April. THen I will be more than happy to warn people of what will happen if they move here and their file eventually gets sent here. Mine took 3 1/2 years just to get sent. Paranoid, ya know. Okay living in the state way beyond paranoid at this point. :D I called the DAV they finally called me back and told me the VA told them the file is not in the state I am currently living in, not in the st
  9. I already did the 4140 in February and sent it back. Have been getting them for a couple of years. I am being sent for another Compensation and Pension Exam. I finally was told why today, which I had already guessed, but simply because my file moved from one state to another, this state's automatic procedure is to immediately schedule a C & P exam BEFORE even looking at the file. So now, I am trying to get someone to tell me what happened in April to generate the two letters one for CHAMPVA benefits and the other for dependent education while my file was before a board in the first sta
  10. Thank you for all of the information. I got someone to represent me today. She called around to find that the regional office of the state I moved to has not requested anything further, but that I am scheduled to be reevaled in Feb, 2007. They recommended that she call the hospital that the C&P is scheduled with and ask why. She called the hospital and they told her the office she had just spoken to had requested it, although they claim they haven't. The two letters of entitlement that I recieved were from the state I moved from that decided my claim to begin with. I tried calling
  11. I will check the date on that. I have no idea. Thanks. Andrea
  12. It is nice to know that once again, I get to be an exeption. I never initiated anything. I just want to be left alone. As to the medical records, they have everything that has stated forever and ever what happened and what the results to me were, so I am not sure what i could add to it. What can I expect during a second eval for PTSD if I have to go. Thank you.
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