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  1. Yesterday I had my dental c&p exam. I went to a civilian dentist with a practice out in town. In service I had jaw surgery, I have titanium plates in my face, and have significant TMJ and problems now, and have periodic numbness in my face when I cough/sneeze. After moving my jaw around and measuring, giving me a headache that lasted the rest of my day, he said he was "unsure" my surgery caused my pain/TMJ, though he admitted to feeling the popping and clicking whenever I moved my jaw. I tried to tell him about my sinus infections and he brushed it off, I have had three in less than 6 months. Is there anyway to get another exam, beyond just appealing when the decision letter comes back? I have zero hope from the feedback he gave me during my appointment, and he did not even address the fact I have plates in my face.
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