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  1. On 12/31/2020 at 11:46 AM, Buck52 said:

    Anybody heard when the VAMC start Vaccinating us Veterans?

    I realized they are vaccinating the health care workers first thing

    I heard through the grapevine that they are suppose to send out letter's for the appointment date to come in and get the shot & return in 28 days and get another dose.  (We need to be vaccinated Twice) for it to be effective.

    No letter for me  anybody know? Anyone recieved  the shot yet?

    I sent a private msg to my VA PC, they scheduled me for past Friday 1/29/21, I received the !st Modena (luckily no side effects for me, slight soreness in arm similar to Flu shot). What was surprising is while waiting in a que to get the injection, they were taking walk-ins, no questions asked. Go figure.... Boston MA, Jamaica Plains VAMC 

  2. On 10/19/2019 at 5:06 AM, GBArmy said:

    Hi x020574 Sorry to hear about your hearing loss. Needless to say you have experienced first hand the incompetence of the VA and their unwillingness for them to do what is best for veterans. There are devices available like you said to help in conversations. I have a friend who uses one, but it really is only a very marginal improvement in his ability to hear. How bad your hearing has gotten will be all important to whether one would work for you. He has a cochlear implant as well and it really impacts his daily life especially, socially. You probably might experience depression because of isolation, hopefully not. Depression is an additional disability you may qualify for; and even SMC's might be someday as well. I realize you would much rather have your hearing than comp for a disability, but unfortunately there isn't that choice available. Something else; I recently found out that one of our members, RBrogen, recently received a 100% disability rating, and the State of Mass pays out $2000 to a veteran who is rated ate 100%. You should check out that info from the town hall or your state Dept. of Veteran Affairs.

    Thanks for the tip GBArmy, and you are correct... but with a catch. One must have been a resident of Mass. to qualify. Dang it! But being a resident for > 8 years and disable I do qualify for property tax deductions... 👍

    As for my hearing I had a second surgery to my R ear to place a titanium prosthetic inside to replace the 3 hearing bones removed, some hearing is restored but still require hearing aids. Now that I’m out about six months from R ear we will be looking into surgery in L ear... it’s still to be determine whether or not it contains cholesteatoma or not... I am scheduled for CT exam... if none is present I may opt to leave that one alone.

    The VA did increase my hearing rating from 0% to 10% and left Tinnitus at 10%. This brings my total scheduled rating to 94% 🤪. Fortunately I have been rated total disability unemployable rated at 100%... but it would have been nice if they kicked in that other 1%. Thank all of you guys/gals for the claim and hearing tips!

  3. In 1996 I was SC for hearing loss 0% and Tinnitus 10%;  after an ENT consult  I was fitted with my first pair of VA issued hearing aids. Since that time I’ve gotten a new pair every 3-5 years with several adjustments at the walk-in clinic with each pair. I keep telling them my hearing is getting worse but it never gets to a compensation level. A few months ago The VA audiologist is concerned over a sudden drop in my R ear conductive hearing and referred me to ENT. They can’t schedule me for several months so they referred me to a non VA ENT. (This was my 2nd visit to an ENT???) I was dx with Cholesteatoma in both ears, surgery is my only option, besides allowing it to grow are to further damage, possibly resulting in death.. I had Surgery on my R ear, left ear will be well into next year. The cholesteatoma in the R ear had destroyed 2 and 3/4 of my tiny hearing bones, I am now deaf in my R ear. To make matters worse I never knew how bad my L ear was until I no longer have any sound in my R ear. My R ear was my better ear. They will try to restore some of that hearing with a prosthetic titanium bone, but I have to wait 4-6 months to ensure the cholesteatoma doesn’t come back. This sucks! Now I have to sit and worry about my ‘bad’ L ear thinking it won’t be much better than the R. The DAV rep put in for a hearing increase and a temporary 100% recovery. I am already 100% TPIU with 90% scheduler so I don’t imagine this will do much monetarily- but it may boost me to 100% scheduler. Sorry about the rant but I needed to get this off my chest. I can barely hear the the TV without turning it up that annoys other family members. And at their comfort level I strain to hear it, miss half of what has been said... and that is with my L hearing aid turned to its highest setting. As for CC, I might as well go to another room and watch TV because it annoys everyone else. Have I already said this sucks? Going to bed now and hoping tomorrow is a better day. In the mean time if any of you hard of hearing folks have any suggestions for watching TV i’d Appreciate any thoughts. I read about a Pocket device that helps with one on one conversations... might be of interest. Thanks for listening (no pun intended) 

  4. I served in USAF, as a  Jet Engine Mechanic (AFSC 43250), from 1970-74. My VA medical records contained an entrance hearing test and an exit hearing test. The exit test showed a hearing loss at high frequency ranges. I was given hearing aids (very grateful) and was service connected,  0% for hearing loss and 10% for tinnitus. That was in 2006.


    Fast forward to 2019 – I was referred to an Non-VA ENT specialist after a routine VA audiologist became concern about a significant drop in my R side conductive hearing test. I had a CT scan which  reveals that I have cholesteatoma in both ears (extra skin growth where it doesn’t belong). Surgery is the only recommended fix, sooner rather than later, it only gets worse. I had the R ear surgery last week, good news is he got it all out… but the bad news is the surgeon had to remove 2 and ¾ of my 3 tiny hearing bones. The 2nd half of the surgery will be in 3-4 months, where they will try to restore some of my R ear hearing. Then we will start on the L ear, I pray it is not as bad as the R was. I am still 0% SC for hearing but I want to put in a claim for increase, hoping since I’m already established SC for hearing loss, I’ll only need a diagnosis and hoping I won’t have to jump through hoops to get it SC.


    Question 1: Someone told me there is a table that raters will use to aid them is accessing a claimants MOS when considering hearing related claims. I did not see 43250 listed, does anyone know what the new code equivalent is ?


    Question 2: Should I ask for a speedy review (fast track).

  5. 24 minutes ago, Buck52 said:

    ITF''s are out , they go by your filing date only,  from what I understand   if you filed the 21 526 ez That should be your first filing date.

    *Note ,as I understand this is for a first time claim and Not a NOD(Notice of Disagreement?


    21-0996 is for

    Intent To File A Claim For Compensation and/or Pension, or Survivors Pension and/or DIC

    I been told they no longer honor these forms?

    The 20-0966 is a request for


    Remember if you choose the HLR  you can't add any new evidence later on if your denied.

    Thanks Buck52,

    you are correct, this was a new claim, where I will have a expert opinion hematologists confer it is just as likely as not a result of chronic benzene exposure. I probably don’t want to do a HLR (assuming this is the same as a notice of disagreement). So at this point, I would like to handle the claim I’m my on.... being the the ITF is closed and denied... can I file a 526ez on my own (opening a new claim). I have never had to deal with a denied claim before.

    PNH is a serious disease, I require infusions every 14 days for life. The only cure is stem cell transplant (dangerous and not an option available to me - age) and hemolysis reeks havoc on the body. Biggest concern is thrombosis, damage to kidneys and other body parts due to compromised.

    i do have other issues I was hesitant to file for, MST, I had VA treatment for this, dx as PTSD but since I have SC 70% MH disability already, I’m not sure I want to rehash all that MST crap. I have made progress accepting what happened but I still have significant trust issues I feel will never be resolved.

    i appreciated your concern and advice and I wouldn’t hold anything against you or anyone else on this board, but I am well aware my decisions are my own. Any advice on how to pursue the 7723 at this point.

    Thanks brother!

  6. Last week I spoke with my VSO about filing a direct claim for Acquired Hemolytic Anemia and my Hem/Onc doctor agreed to stating my exposure to toxic chemicals, primarily Benzene among others, was just as likely as not to have contributed to my PNH. I explained my doctor would be out of country for a week and that he would complete the DBQ and provide a rational explanation once he returns. The VSO stated, he would take care of filing a claim and doctors DBQ would be submitted once received. 

    A few days later I get a correspondence from my VSO telling me an Intent to File form 21-0966 was submitted on my behalf, I checked VA.gov and see an intent to file for 7723, for Compensation (and an entry for Pension???) under review. Exactly one week later it shows as closed on eBenes and a package is sent. When I checked my disability list, 7723 appears but says Not Service Connected. Well of course the examiner would say that, they hadn’t received ANY supporting documentation supporting the claim yet. I had asked the VSO if I needed to upload a form 21-526 before the claim closed and he told me no, sit tight??? This doesn’t make sense, why file a 21-0966 if they are going to closed it within a week if they don’t yet have info to support it?... why not file a 256 and have 90 days to get you stuff together?

    Then I see this on the Veterans Law Blog: Do Everything in Your Power to NEVER use VA Form 21-0966, apparently preserving your date is a joke, could have preserved the date with a 21-256 just as well, and it wouldn’t have been closed so quickly! Very disappointing!

    They make a valid point and make me wonder is who side is my VSO on? I’ll wait and see what the package says, but if I don’t feel comfortable with how the VSO handle this (and the service .org is one of the big ones) what should I do now? File a 526 with supporting docs, file a notice of disagreement...I don’t want to screw this up any worse than it is.

    Thanks for listening and any advise given.


  7. I have been TDIU for 2 years now and I will need surgery for a severe narrowing of my left carotid artery. Since I am getting comp'd at 100% already I'll assume there is no need to submit a claim for recovery... yes/no?

    I'm am 90% scheduler for IHD 60%, MH 70%, DMII 20%, Tinnitus 10%, Hearing 0% plus SMC K and S.

    Since receiving TDIU I have had several other dx that I could possibly file as secondaries but don't want to risk having existing disabilities re-evaluated and losing TDIU. I'm ill and 66yrs old, going back to work is not an option for me. I was automatically switched from SSDI to full benefit SSA on my 66th birthday.

    1, Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) aka acquired hemolytic anemia - it is a very serious illness that i could file a direct claim due to my 4 yrs of day to day exposure to toxic chemicals as a Jet Eng Mechanic. There is treatment ($$$$$$) but no cure and  it is progressive, it will get worse going forward. I have lab work done every 5-6 weeks as I am considered 'stable' for now and in a wait 'N' watch state. My VA Hem/Onc has prescribed a Folic Acid supplement but no other medications required at this time. No sense in risking TDIU for this one since it would probably be awarded 0% if approved due to no significant disabilities,

    2, PTSD due to MST, which causes a lot of trust issues for me, stress, reoccurring dreams, disrupted sleep but I'm assuming they would just consider the disabilities duplicated under my existing Major Depression disorder since one can only be rated for one MH disorder, So I dont' see much to gain here.

    3. A recent brain MRI shows Cerebral Small Vessel Disease, white matter and an asymtomatic Lacunar stroke most likely causation to left carotid artery stenosis, DMII and hypertension. Neurologist says I'm fortunate that the stroke happened in the 'silent' part of the brain, he can't determine when it happened other than it was not relatively new. IHD causation???...not sure if IHD could be primary.

    4. Carotid Artery stenosis, surgery required. If I am TDIU Ill assume there is no need to file for recovery time since I dont think there is anything to gain there.

    Giving these 4 newer developments with minimal daily disabilities I never claimed them, but the recent hype around the TDIU and SSA proposed cuts has prompted me thinking whether I might qualify for 100% scheduler and escape the TDIU cuts?

    Any thoughts appreciated! I know Bertha mentioned in a previous post not to worry about the pending TDIU/SS benefit cuts. I hear it would take effect immediately and/or it will be a while to get that in the registry if implemented.

    Thanks from TomTheSkyIsFalling

  8. I receive a daily blog from the Disabledveterans.org (can be found on FB too) hosted by Ben Krause, I found today's to be quite disturbing and if you are a baby boomer and on TPIU you should be too. The proposed budget cuts are unfair and age discriminatory. Disabled vets that are part of baby boom era is a huge population, which means huge $$$$$ from cut benefits that will off set tax cuts for the wealthy. What really upsets me is that the major service organizations where asked to not be oppose the budget cuts in a private meeting (thanks for nothing DAV) according to a statement in the blog. The only VSO that let the cat out of the bag is AMVETS (thank you brothers). Shame on the others for remaining quiet on this. The proposed benefit payments will be cut for disabled TPIU recipients that are 65 and older and collecting SS. Example, if you are TPIU due to un-employability and 90% scheduler and collecting SS, the proposed benefit cut will be $1,200 and the further down your scheduler rating is (eg 80%, 70%) your benefit will be cut even greater. Please help put a stop to this madness!

    Moderator - if this is not the appropriate forum for this rant please move it to an area whether other vets that will be affected by these proposed budget cuts can see it. I hope they will join me in shaming all the service organization that remaining silent on this. And definitely reach out to your politicians and VSO alike, let them know you are opposed and offended by these actions should they occur.  


  9. I have a myHealtheVet account and was able to download my C&P via the BlueButton. Mine was done in-house. I requested all my doctor notes for the date of the exam til the month following. Do you live near  the regional office, you have a right to review you C&P file in person and obtain a copy that way. If you been waiting 11 months for a copy, did you specify under the Freedom Information Act you have a right to obtain this information. If you didn't reference the FOI act it could take forever, but there is a time element that they have to get back to you on your FOI request.

  10. 8 hours ago, VietnamVetSis said:

    My brother's Ischemic Heart Disease as a result of Agent Orange exposure as a Marine Rifleman in Quang Nam Province in 1969-70 was just approved - and rated at 60%.   Another AO disability of Diabetes II was also approved at a 40% rating last summer.  These, combined with his previous disability of scars/lack of motion from his battle wounds, gives him a total combined disability rating of 80%.   I couldn't have done it without the help of HADit.   I had no clue about the claims process when I started.   I am still going to keep plugging away on getting a schizophrenia nexus.   But I wanted to say thank you to everyone out there in the HADit  community that has given me guidance.  God bless you.

    Thank YOU VietnamVetSis for looking out for your brother. As Berta has already noted, if he is not employed or employed making less than 12k (approx. Federal poverty level) he may be eligible for IU. If he hasn't worked in a while they might even award him 100% TPIU (Total & Permanent & Individual Unemployable).

    DMII as you know can cause anything from minor to devastating secondary issues. Keep after him to maintain those sugar levels... you both have suffered enough already!

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  11. 1 hour ago, Buck52 said:

    Having TDIU is all the better  but the way VA uses the math  its hard for a veteran to reach the 100%level  with 10% 20%30%  but if he/she has enough of them they sure will add up.

    You being TDIU and being paid at the 100%  and  rated 90% and they used the extra scheduler rating

    for the IU...no matter how you got there  your there...LoL

    Note: you may recheck your rating letter when you recieved TDIU  they may  have given you SMC back then? if you qualified and could not leave home for work!!!

    What might happen With this new parkinson claim...I don't wish you bad with the disease but if they at least rate you 60%  that will be determined from the symptoms you have and the severity and problems it cause you..so check all and every medical records you have on parkinso/what its related to...

     to be able to get the SMC's you will need a separate rating of 60%  but sometimes under unusual circumstances to this diesease the VA can and should give the SMC to you.

    Now if you get a 30% parkinson and another s.c. condition added up 30 % for other   S.C.conditions, They will give you the 100%and probable keep you TDIU but not SMC

    Remember if a veteran is 100% or TDIU  he/she has to have a Separate Rating of 60% or more For qualify for SMC-S.H.B.

    this is not fair in my opinion but thats the way VA Is.

    I wish you the best and you get the SMC-S H.B.


    Thanks again, I understand what you are saying. I did get SMC's for H.B. and one for E.D. I am mostly concerned that if I drop dead from clots I want my wife to receive DIC bene.

  12. 5 hours ago, Buck52 said:

    Just reading up on  Parkinsonism

    I think it would qualify for the actually presumption A.O, LIST it has the same symptoms as Parkinson , or just file as presumption Parkinson.

    I am fairly sure it could be file on its own and not fie it secondary/you have Vietnam boots on the ground service  all you would need is your DD-214  Showing you were in Vietnam and medical records to prove you have it....VA Will concede any A.O. Presumption Disease.

    with what you are already rated for  and I take it your rating is 90%combined

    if you get rated for Parkinson at least 50% that will boost you up to the 100%  if you get a rating of 60% or more that should qualify you for SMC-S H.B. & That is a Mandatory Rating because that would be a separate rating.


    Thanks Buck52 and you are correct, I'm rated at 90% but was awarded 100% TPIU. I will see what the Neurologist says this week... keep you posted. Thanks for your due diligence !

  13. 8 hours ago, Berta said:
    HBP 1151 ""

    "Has anyone filed these conditions as secondary? I am SC for IHD, DMII, PTSD. From what I have read the Lacunar Infarct is mostly caused by hypertension."

    Yes HBP is the most common cause of stroke...however your IHD and/or your DMII would certainly be suspect as well, and IHD and DMII can cause atheroscherotic affects to the brain.

    I didnt file as secondary. I filed as HBP under 1151, because the HBP was one of the malpracticed conditions my husband died from.He had multiple TIAs ( transcient ischematic strokes) that led to a major catastrophic totally disabling one.( 1151 CVA - 100% P & T)

    Awarded  in 2015.( HBP claim)

    However I could easily have filed for direct SC as secondary to his AO IHD and AO DMII.

    VA prescribed a HBP dosage way too low and then contraindicated it by a 6 year sudafed prescription.

    However if you feel your HBP was properly treated by VA, then I sure would file the claim for it as secondary to both the IHD and the DMII.

    Unfortunately you might need an IMO/IME because even though the "standard and usual medial community" a legal term for medical care outside of the VA, knows full well how IHD and DMII can cause HBP and cause TIAs or major stroke, the VA will try to deny the claim,unless you have probative evidence 

    (which might be found in your VA med recs) or they will grant the claim without an IMO/IME...hard to say.The VA has traditionally  stated that many veteran's HBP is "essential", meaning they don't know the cause and that is because they often do not even look for a cause. and only a HBP claim will trigger them to do that.



    Thank you for the encouragement Berta, and the links you provided. This week I will see a Neuro (VA) concerning my MRI results. So I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm suspecting they will say Parkinsonism instead of full blown Parkinson's. I thought I have read somewhere in the past Parkinsonism was NOT presumptive to AO. I have been awarded AO IHD, AO DMII, but not HBP. I had HBP (take 4 different BP meds) for a long before AO  service connections. If I file for HBP wouldn't they reject that?

  14. Is Parkinsonism presumptive as it is in Parkinson's for Viet Nam vets if exposed to herbicides?

    I recently had a MRI of the head checking for clots. Surprisingly the report came back stating :

    "MRI head: There is a punctate chronic lacunar infarct of the left caudate head. There is no evidence of hemorrhage, edema, masses, mass effect, midline shift or infarction. The ventricles and sulci are normal in caliber and configuration. Scattered areas of nonspecific periventricular, subcortical and deep white matter T2/FLAIR hyper intensity are in a configuration most suggestive of chronic small vessel ischemic disease. There is no abnormal enhancement after contrast administration. There is no abnormal focus of slowed diffusion. The principal intracranial vascular flow voids are preserved. The dural venous sinuses are patent on MP-RAGE images. "

    I apparently have some kind of asymptomatic stroke and was not aware of it (lacunar infarct). Also there is the subject of  'white matter' and 'chronic small vessel ischemic disease'

    Has anyone filed these conditions as secondary? I am SC for IHD, DMII, PTSD. From what I have read the Lacunar Infarct is mostly caused by hypertension.

    • 1970-74 weighed 130 in and 134 out, I had 4 yrs USAF Jet Engine Mechanic experience – much exposure to JP4, Jet Exhaust, PD-680 degreaser, carbon soot, noise, etc. I don’t have much medical information in my service records package, but I do have several pages of upper respiratory sickness, sore throats and earaches from one USAF base. None of my other medical records from other bases were in my service file.


    • While in-service I married for the 1st time, we lived off base and thanks to my wife I was pretty good at getting to work on time. She would complain that I kept her up half the night with my snoring and would go back to bed after I would leave. She also described the loud outbursts and would try to put a pillow over my head to muffle the sounds – eventually she even bought some earplugs. The marriage didn’t last very long and we divorced in less than a year. After the divorce I moved back into the barracks, I was always tired and difficult to wake up and often fall back asleep. I eventually received an Article 15 for repeatedly being late for rollcall, and a reduction in pay scale for several months.


    • Prior to entering service I had lived with my older sister Kathy and her husband. I did not exhibit the typical SA symptoms, I snored   and I physically did not fit the profile. They told me I it got much worse after I got out and that I sometimes scared them when I would quiet down and suddenly let out a loud gasping/snoring sound… which sometimes woke me up too.


    • I remarried in 85 and this was the first time I was told I may have sleep apnea. My wife Laura has a medical background and told my doctor what goes on at night and he made arrangements for me to have a sleep study done. It was confirmed and I received my first CPAP machine and have been using one ever since. My weight then was 203lbs.


    • In 2006 I had this mysterious bout of ITP, of which I was hospitalized and transfused with platelets for several days. Aftercare was 6 months of prednisone, many needle sticks, bone marrow aspiration and finally tapering off they prednisone for 3 more months.


    • In 2010 I had several significantly blocked arteries and underwent CABG dbl bypass at the San Francisco VAMC. During the surgery the urologist came out of the OR and ask my wife if I had any known bladder problems, which I didn’t, but their concern was that I was passing blood through my urine. He advised to follow up with urology once I recover and have it worked up. I had a cystoscopy and everything looked fine.


    • In 2012  I put in a claim for IHD 60%, DMII 10%, MMD 70%, ED $125, Hearing Loss 0% and Tinnitus 10%, I was awarded, using VA funny math it was 90% scheduler with 100% compensation for TDIU plus SMC. At one of my recent psych visit I confided in something I never told anybody, not my wife, nor friends (not that I have many, quite the loner) or anyone else. Back in my last year of service I was sexually assaulted by another male, I was so ashamed I stuffed it for 40 yrs, but it just came out. I have been in several PTSD clinics and they helped me to realize I was a victim, that my assailant was a perpetrator, purposefully got me drunk and assaulted me in my sleep.


    • Dec 2013 my wife gets annoyed with the VA doctors because they are all ignoring that some of my blood work always come back a little under the lower range so they blow it off. Via her pushing I get a Hem/Onc consult and it is discovered that I have an Ultra Rare illness called Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH), is a rare acquired (not hereditary), life-threatening disease of the blood. The disease is characterized by destruction of red blood cells (hemolytic anemia), blood clots (thrombosis), and impaired bone marrow function (not making enough of the three blood components). It is closely associated with AA & MDS, all are bone marrow failures diseases. Benzene is known to be a toxic chemical which causes bone marrow failure illnesses. My illness is stable so it is in watch & wait state. I’m followed by Hem/Onc once a month to evaluate blood labs and I was prescribed Folic Acid for now.


    • Jan 2016 it is discovered that I have L/carotid artery blockage at 80%, and R/carotid at 60%. I am supposed to have CEA on the left one but first wanted to consult with a well-known PNH specialist in New York NYU to discuss risks of thrombosis. He wants me on an intravenous medication call eculizumab (Soliris tm $$$,$$$ per year) prior to surgery for the carotid artery. Part of his workup for new patients is to check for venial clots with a Head MRI, Abdomen MRI and Lower extremity Doppler studies. No clots found, but I apparently had a  chronic lacunar infarct of the left caudate head (stroke) that apparently was asymptomatic.  The report also indicated that Scattered areas of white matter signal abnormality in a configuration most suggestive of chronic small vessel ischemic disease. Not sure what that means but it sounds interesting…


    Now here are my questions:


    Should I leave well enough alone with my TDIU award or file some additional claims?


    PTSD due to MST or should I file for increase in MMD

    PNH due to toxic chemical exposure (Agent Orange, PD680,

    Carotid artery due to IHD

    Chronic small vessel ischemic disease in the brain due to IHD

    Exacerbated my non-SC Sleep Apnea due to PTSD (central & OSA) previous reports only show OSA


    I am revisiting this since I saw the post on this site that the VA doctors can no longer hide behind not filling out a DBQ because they were told not to. I’m sure I’ll still need to get IMO for the non-SC items.


  15. What do your buddy letters say? If you just say you had 'sleep problems' that is very vague, obviously that won't fly. What will your buddies say that would support your claim? Did you share a room with them, can they state that they witness you gasping for air in your sleep, temporarily stopped breathing? These buddies will need to state what unit that you were both in and at what time/period did they witness these events. The VBA does have ways to verify units and times you both claimed to have been together. Your buddy letters will probably have to have their SSN or service numbers in the letters and a statement at the end of the letters indicating that what they are is true to the best of their knowledge. (check out the bottom of a claim form for the proper verbiage). As it was already pointed out in another topic, it would be best to have them type rather than hand written since they are now digitizing all claims to VBMS.

    hope this helps ..... good luck

  16. saints13 thank you for your response. I will do as you suggested and file a VocRehab application on eBennies and see where things go from there. I wasn't sure and didn't want to create unnecessary paper work and jam up the 'system'.

    I don't mean to sound dumb but is ASKNOD something in eBennies or is it someone who is an advocate that helps veterans on HadIt?

  17. Last year I was scheduler 90% (Tinnitus,DM II, IHD and PTSD) and shortly afterwards awarded TDIU 100% + housebound. I was also awarded SSDI and have a long list of ailments. I am 64, turning 65 in March, and I feel like I have no interest in anything anymore (and haven't in a long time). I take psyc meds but it helps a little... if any. I don't have the ability to return to my previous employment and seriously doubt I would be eligible for Voc Rehab. I sometimes think I am just waiting around for one of my illnesses to do me in... yes, sad I know. I think a hobby like wood working of photography could help me to get out of myself and rejoin the human race.

    What steps would I need to do to inquire whether or not I could be eligible for ILP, do I request Voc Rehab just to go through the motions of being rejected for retraining??? I have to do something besides hanging around the house all day napping and watching TV. I have really been bummed out since I learned that I now have a new dx for a very rare autoimmune bone marrow disorder called PNH... it is an acquired disorder not genetic... fortunately for me my current state is stable, but it is progressive and life threating. The only known cure is a bone marrow transplant which is an option only used as a last resort because of its complications.

    My wife is an MD and has quit her fulltime work as a physician and is attempting to start a small business that would allow her to work from home and keep an eye on me. She hasn't really been making any money yet so I'll ask my next question: would she/I be eligible for aid & attendance? If so, how do we get that process going.

    Thanks for listening and any advise you may offer.


  18. When I received my award to 90% I became aware that I could be entitled to 'copays reimbursed retroactively' to my claim effective date.

    Question: Is it possible to get retroactive 'travel pay' back to the claim effective date?

    My first call to the financial resource center indicated they were going to request two audits one for medical copays and another for travel pay.

    It's been several months since I made my initial request to recoup copays and placed a follow up call yesterday. The representative told me it would be one within the next 2 weeks. :cool:

    When I asked about the second audit for 'travel pay' retroactive to the claim effective date, she said she didn't see a audit request for travel pay and has never heard of such a thing, she had no idea what I was talking about. Has anyone ever received retro travel pay or heard of such a thing?

  19. Just received my wifes ChampVA package today, I sent a one page application in approx. 2-3 weeks ago. They set her eligibility date back to Aug 1, 2013 (when I was awarded TDIU). Here is a link to the application but I'm surprised you did not receive one in your BBE.


    You should have also received pamphlets discussing addition (optional) life insurance, Chapter 35 (education) benefits for dependents.

    There should be a statement in the package somewhere that discusses your eligible to be reimbursed for any copays for meds retro back to your award date of TDIU. But.... you have to request it!!! I called the 800 number to get in touch with the finance and billing department and told them I would like to recoup some of this money since my effective date - tell them you would like them to perform an audit on your prescription copays and it should include travel reimbursements as well. As J said above, you need to do this right away - I don't recall what the time-frame was but I could see how many veterans could have missed out on this benefit. It will take at least 4 weeks to several months before there reimburse you.

    Don't forget to check on any State/Govt benefits you may be entitled to due to T & P, I think there is a link on this board that will take you to your state's Veterans web page.


  20. Hello everyone. I am new to this site and new to the process as a whole. I was in the USMC from 89-94 and was discharged with a 10% disability rating. I filed a claim upon discharge and just found out I was approved in 1996 but the VA could not find me as my address had changed. They apparantly had been sending checks until 2002 when they stopped due to th being sent back. I literally have lived within 5 miles of this location since my claim approval so I am stumped how hard it would have been to find me but nonetheless, I corrected my address information and my local VA rep took my direct deposit information and requested my case be reopened (claim already approved) and for the back pay and monthly benefits be sent to me. Does anyone know how long this takes? My congressman just opened and inquiry into this a couple days ago. As I stated, my claim has been approved for years. I have never received any benefits due to having an old address and because of such my file was closed. My rep reopened the claim and I am just wondering on a timeline to begin receiving the benefits I should have been getting for years. I am a single father of two kids and am in a significant financial dilemma as I am sure many are. Just foreclosed on and a bankruptcy discharged. Please if someone can give me a timeline. I have heard it takes years to get claims approved but mine has been approved. Just waiting for them to reopen and start sending my benefits. Thank you in advance for any information that anyone can provide. Semper Fi.

    I doubt anyone could give you anything other than a WAG... that is just the way it is. I would suggest you get together with your VSO and ask to file for a hardship... bring proof of Bill Collection, Bankruptcy, and such that show you are in a financial hardship. I think you did about everything else.

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