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  1. I doubt anyone could give you anything other than a WAG... that is just the way it is. I would suggest you get together with your VSO and ask to file for a hardship... bring proof of Bill Collection, Bankruptcy, and such that show you are in a financial hardship. I think you did about everything else.
  2. Go figure... My claim closed over a week ago, got the BBE 2 days later, got the retro yesterday. Then today I get another BBE in the mailbox, telling me they received an incomplete claim 01/10/2014 and if I want to process my Fully Developed Claim I need to submit a 526ez. I called Peggy, their answer was there isn't a claim and sometimes the system does that and that I should throw the correspondence away - Brilliant! Best of luck to you Street!
  3. Thank you Berta, You have certainly given me a lot of homework :) My VA Hem/Onc doctor says nobody knows what causes PNH, but what we do know is that it is acquired and not inherited. I believe you are correct, PD 680 sounds very familiar... I am 62yrs old and this was 40+ years ago. I have met one vet that is SC, but he had anemia issues in service. I will keep you posted, I also want to get a second opinion from a private Hem/Onc. Although the test making the dx is considered the Golden Standard, I believe it's call flow cytometry ???
  4. I do have a Story and then a Question: Story part: I recently learned I have a illness with called Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)it is a rare disease in which red blood cells break down earlier than normal. I have read that benzene can cause these types of symptoms. I was a Jet Engine Mechanic from 1970-74 so I had 4 yrs of exposure to this stuff - but can it rear it's ugly head 40 years later? We use to use a cleaning solution (I don't recall the name but it was P-something). We used it in-shop to clean grease and carbon from internal engine parts. Being young and stupid, we use
  5. Just wanted to let you know I was able to get this resolved, I got the BBE on Sat and I am now 100% TPIU. And they did accept my proof of my eBennies print screen of the logging of activities. They awarded me the effective date of Jul/2013(the day I uploaded my application). They even gave me a little extra by granting me SMC-S (housebound). Between SSDI and VA 100% comp I can sleep a little better. I do have a Story and then a Question: Story part: I recently learned I have a illness with called Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH)it is a rare disease in which red blood cells break do
  6. Thank you Berta - This is a copy and paste form my eBenefits Account Activity history - 07/18/2013 8:40 AM, Updated: ClaimId: 28896344, DocumentId: {A596A9A0-F7AC-40E9-9FC1-D23435C404F1}, THOMAS xxxx, Successful I usally do send it to the VSO ,to submit unfortunetly for me I didn't do that this time... I sent an IRIS email coorespondence and spoke to someone one the phone, all they could do was pass the information along... no big help there! While my claim was open, I got a call from the RO asking me if I wanted to add TDIU to the claim and what disability was I claiming tha
  7. Thanks to all that responded... Carlie - I reponded to your request to post the RD, also: 1. TDIU application was not reviewed, nor was it on the list of evidence. According to them I did not respond... not true. Had they read the application I feel strongly that it would have been approved... but with the VA one never knows! 2. They stated my disabilities claimed for TDIU were hearing and depression, which is correct. They did not speak of the MH in the dermination of TDIU, but they listed what was on my MH C&P exam and granted 70% on MH alone, which clearly indicates my inab
  8. You will get the letter very soon, try not to be discourage... I know it is hard. Most of us have been there ( I know saying that doesn't make you feel any better, but we feel your pain and fustration). When you get your package, scan the portion of the Reason for Decision part, a text doc would be preferred so that you can cut and paste results to this forum. Exclude any personal information (names, SSN, etc). There are some very knowledgable members here that may see something you have not picked up on. Sorry this is happenng to you, sounds like you certainly deserve more! Just keep
  9. The TDIU Form 21-8940 is not listed on the list of Evidence, nor anything else regarding TDIU.. I also has be granted SSDI last month, I did not forward that letter to the RO yet. 6. Entitlement to individual unemployability. Entitlement to individual unemployability is denied because the claimant has not been found unable to secure or follow a substantially gainful occupation as a result of service connected disabilities. The veteran is considered capable of gainful employment. {38 CFR 4.16} We sent you a letter dated July 2,2013 requesting you to complete and return VA Form 21
  10. I had a claim finalized in Oct/2013 was awarded 90% (was 10%). I had also file for TDIU and was denied stating they did not receive an application. This is not correct, I submitted an application online via the claims upload feature. I can show the dates of the upload, it was indicated to be succesfully upload. I can verify this in eBennies by reviewing the "My Activity" option. They had it one file, elctronically but never reviewed it. I hope I don't have to wait another year or two to get this resolved. If they denied me because I was not eligable I could accept that but to deny me for
  11. My claim filed on 2/2012 has finally closed today (yeah!!!) I think I'm 90% if my VA Math is right... 0% Bi-Lateral hearing loss (previous award) 10% DM II - Agent Orange - outside Vietnam or unknown ?????? 10% Tinnitus (previous award) 60% IHD - Agent Orange - outside Vietnam or unknown ?????? 70% MDD - secondary SMC-K $100 My new award went from $129 (hearing & tinnitus) to $1,930. That would be consistent with vet/spouse at 90% + SMC-K. I'm happy, going for 10% to 90% and I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining but I have a question... I initially file
  12. Vet2010 - you should expect, at the very least, that they will replace the machine, provide a new hose and mask. You should be seen at least once a year to evaluate you AND the machine. My VAMC (Boston/Roxbury) doesn't have enough staff so they contract for me to have visits every six months from a private firm. I get a new hose, mask and filters with every visit and told if I need them sooner all I have to do is call them.
  13. pr - Thanks, that was my feeling also... but I think I'm better off just withdrawing the IU contention as it would only serve to delay the processing of my claim without any realistic "granted" outcome for IU. Altough I'll certainly consider IU in the future.
  14. I have some pending claims for hearing increase, IHD new, DM II new, ED and Depression secondary to SC disabilities. They have been pending since 2/2012 and I recently received a phone call from a RO person asking me if I wanted to consider IU. Initially I said yes but after receiving the va form 21-8940 I doubt I'll get it because i owrk part-time and make about twice what the Federal Poverty Level is (approx 19K after business deductions). I am an at home computer programmer, I'm self employed and work part-time because of my disabilities. I could never work fulltime and do not expect I
  15. I always read about the advantages of filling a FDC... are their any disadvantages. Does it effect whether you could file a NOD or Appeal to BVA? I understand that if one files additional contentions after submitting 256ez, the claim will be treated as a standard claim (slow lane).
  16. There are three requirements to establish Direct service-connection for residuals of injuries and diseases; 1) In-service documentation of an injury or disease. 2) A current condition with a medical diagnosis. 3) and a medical nexus connecting 1 and 2. taken from a very good self help guide posted on HADIT, it sounds to me like you may not have had enough convincing evidence that you have a current illness AND it is not supported by a medical Nexus that links the in service condition to the current diagnosis. http://www.hadit.com/veterans_self_help_guide.html
  17. Impaired hearing will be considered to be a disability for VA purposes when the thresholds for any of the frequencies of 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 Hertz are 40 decibels or more; the thresholds for at least three of these frequencies are 26 decibels; or speech recognition scores using the Maryland CNC Test are less than 94 percent. 38 C.F.R. § 3.385. Tables are on the following link: http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&SID=44874d4a8f343b01c79e1f37c209f23d&rgn=div8&view=text&node=38:
  18. IMHO... and probably the opinion of many others here... 90 days is an unreasonable expectation with the current backlogs. I am not saying that as an excuse... it'd just a fact. Whoever told you that a FDC it should be done in 90 days was smoking some pretty good shit. Also, regarding DBQs, they are just a tool for the raters to use. They are 'intended' to circumvent the need for a C&P, but there are no garuntees... If they want a C&P exam that is their choice... and you need to go or reschedule or they will drop your claim like a hot potatoe. If it is a FDC filed on a 21-256ez
  19. I don't mean to sound crude, but we can believe it all we want. If you don't have it recorded in your SMR, you will need a very strong NEXUS showing how your SC disability has caused or aggravated your Sleep Apnea. I'm assume you have had a sleep study done... was it done/dx before your dx of PTSD? Do you have a CPAP machine?
  20. There is Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Central Sleep Apnea and Mixed Sleep Apnea. IMHO, I don't think any doctor would prescribe a CPAP without knowing what they are dealing with first. And then they would have to test you to see what setting (PSI) would be benefical to your situation, too much air or too little air would be more harmful than no CPAP at all. More than likely, you will require a sleep study. They actually have, if you are a candidate for it, sleep studies that can be done at home.
  21. I am guessing here that the issue for the denial was that the claim for DM II was filed after 1 year of discharged. And there wasn't a specific diagnosis of DM II in his SMR (there was an inferred DX but it was never stated in the SMR as DM II). That being said, you could resend your highlighted documentation with the NOD and ask that it be considered a infered claim, since your FPGs readings were already in your service medical records and the rater just did not pick up on it. And you think the fact that they didn't see it was unreasonable because there were many oppurtunities for them t
  22. Ken - this is the rating scheduled for CAD (aka Ischemic Heart Disease) § 4.104 Schedule of ratings—cardiovascular system. - Diseases of the Heart, there are other conditions that you may or may not be able to claim. I would print off the whole section 4.104 and bring it to your cardiologist so that he could mention all applicable situations. I am not positive but yoou may also be eligible for 100% for recovery for several months. - you can review the complete scheduling for 4.104 at this link : http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&SID=036a0cf06d49a7c18f10ea8ce3e9c331&rgn=div
  23. x020574

    Widow's Pension

    My condolences to you and your family...
  24. Welcome... it would be helpful if we knew what the reasoning for the denial was. Getting a VSO rep is good, but not all VSO reps are the same in terms of knowledge, motivation, etc - so the bottom line is that YOU are the owner and responsible for the outcome of your claim. VSO reps are there for guidance, some give good advice; unfortunately some not so good advice. If it were me, I would seek out a knowledgeable female rep (I'm sure I'll catch a lot of flak for that statement - but there is no denying the odds would better in your favor). In what area do you live, perhaps some have some kno
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