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  1. SigBnSoldier I initially filed a claim in 1984 the year I was discharged for Asthma.  It was denied.  I never appealed it because I didn't know back then how to do such a thing.  Anyway filed again in 2014 and was immediately approved at 60% given history and the current PFT they did.  I didn't remember filing the 1984 claim until I was looking to get a Rep for other claims and I was told that back in 84 I signed to have the DAV as my rep.  I immediately asked for a copy of my records and there it was my claim from 1984.  The denial for Asthma read like this:  Service Connection for Asthma has been denied as it is due to allergy.   

    Anyway, I submitted a NOD for the effective date to be readjusted to 1984.  I have been reading other appeals and it seems that a lot of NOD's and appeals are denied when the Veteran fails to file an initial appeal on the original claim.  That is why I was asking if it would be better to file a CUE.  However as I wrote I have submitted a statement in support of my claim asking the VA to actually CUE themselves.  I am hoping they will do this.   The reason I am responding to you is I wanted to ask who this Sec. Hickey that you mentioned in your post.  The issue I am facing at this time is that I have CML  it is a rare form of Leukemia which at this time is OK however I am currently on a 2nd line Chemo med for it because one has already failed.   It makes me nervous because I am fast approaching that time when the chemo med for me seems to fail.  And I have not hit the place that I should be at blood count wise.   Anyway,  I was told some cases are pushed through when there is a terminal illness involved.  But I don't know who it is that I would contact about the absurdity of how crazy it was for the VA to deny my case in 1984 when it is very clear in my record that I did not have Asthma or any kind of hellish allergies as to even cause Asthma the way I ended up with it when I was discharged in 1984.  I have been on Daily medication for Asthma since 1980 and believe me the meds have never been something that anyone would desire taking every GD day of their life!!! 

    SO I was wondering if you could tell me who this Sec Hickey is, because maybe this person could help with this matter??



    Oh BTW the DAV never helped me in 1984, they never contacted me even though I do remember calling them a few times.  And even now the individual that is suppose to help me acts like I am asking her to pull down the moon and hand it to me!!! 

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