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  1. Hello Hadit Family, I am a long time Hadit user that has been away for a while. My step father is Dave Foster, a Vietnam marine who was just diagnosed with stage 4 soft tissue sarcoma of the tongue, throat, tonsil and lymph node. He has applied for VA disability but who knows how long that will take to be approved. My sister started a gofundme page to help with the medical expenses. Please check out Dave's story at the very least to read about his stellar service in Vietnam. If you can contribute, that would be great also. Every little bit helps, even $10.
  2. i clicked it after 4 years of waiting. still nothing. been 2 months.
  3. dec 2012 was the last cola increase. means nothing as far as when you willbe paid from. probably the date you filed.
  4. "yes" is the default selected under Permanant disablity. go to the benefits explorer and in the internet explorer window (or firefox, safari, whatever equivalent) go to view/source. You will see the code that built the webpage. Under things like va disability rating you will see a bunch of options like 10 - 20 -30-. next to one of them it will say "selected". this means that the info was retrieved from your record and displayed. for you it should say 60 -selected. Under Permanent and total there is no "selected" which means it does not query your record for that info. You can c
  5. not necessarily. go to Apply for Benefits >> Compensation Benefits and go thru the screens like you are starting a new claim. About halfway thru you will see all of your conditions with thier percentages. ANy that say Not-Sevice connected were denied. If they have 0% then they were awarded with a 0% rating. Make sure you delete the application for benefits at the end.
  6. if they change you from degenerative disc disease to lumbar strain, is that considered a reduction? Still based on rom, my percentage stayed the same but I think they changed my code to deny me for secondary issues like siatica. Still waiting on that decision.
  7. my claim is from DEC2010. They made a decision on some of the contentions and deffered others. At least that is what the decision letter said. Epeggy says I have a new claim date of 23 FEB 2013 (the date of the other decisions) and that it is in Administrative review with no estimated time of completion. I called 800peggy and she/he said it was indeed deffered but because of the new date it did not fall under this latest push to get claims done. He submitted an IRIS for me but they haven't responded. I still have the RO numbers (thanks Berta) from when they messed up the percentage
  8. crepitis is a symptom of something, not a diagnosis. Was there a documented injury associated with this sick call? or were u just sore from whatever you did the day before? I think you answered your own question by posting Was there a diagnosis in this SMR? Was there a documented injury? If no then you need a very strong IMO stating that your current condition is related to "the sick call" in your SMR. I'm betting there was another C&P exam performed due to the remand and that dr stated "not related to military service" and the VA gave more wieght to his opinion. My
  9. good point megph0405. I stopped taking over the counter anti inflammatory meds. not rx'd.
  10. did you get a job or do any volunteer work that would contradict your unemployability? It sounds like they proposed to reduce your % with the letter in Sep 2012 and then reduced you in Jan 2013 due to not returning letter. Then they opened a new claim after you returned the letter. Do you have any other medical evidence of the severity of your condition or how it affects your ability to get a job? If so I would submit that evidence soon.
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