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  1. sometime ago, I filed both Sleep Apnea and PTSD in one claim. PTSD came back approved and SA disapproved. did some research and filed SA as a separate FDC, secondary to PTSD. No C&P, and it was approved fairly quickly. best of luck to you
  2. Wishing you the best as you work it against the system.
  3. What is of note in the VA announcement is that it specifically istates Camp Lejeune, MCAS New River, and including sub-camps and housing areas. Previously announcement only talked to Camp Lejeune. Now specifically includes more than Lejeune. Good news for Air Wingers like me
  4. As Buck said: Truly hope you get the answers you're looking for from "your" group as it surely appears the HADIT folks can't help- especially without a full background.
  5. when you talk to Dr. Bash I would expect among other things he'll give you the cost for his services as well as the long term financial gain if successful. Not to be unexpected as that should be part of his review of the particulars of your situation and likelihood of success. Question to ask is if result is not getting you to 100% (95%+) what is cost to continue. Your decision when cost considered against probability of success. I used him to get to 94.7 and then a second time to get over that magic 95% number. With my results no way I can say unhappy with him. Any downside is for a period it seemed he was over loaded and then prioritized some individuals based on time constraints to file. Result was putting others on hold which appears to not have gone over well. Believe he has it under control now.
  6. it's a positive comment in support of claim. 50% or greater probability- negative option would have been "not likely." As you're already at 100% would like to hear if the VA goes back and reviews all other SC disabilities.
  7. "Are you precluded from using the VMC because of Tri-Care?" In answer to that if qualified you can use either VMC (for SC), Tricare for life or Medicare or a combination of all three. I have a VA primary doc and a civilian doc who takes medicare and Tricare. I use both and get my meds from both. CPAP supplies and hearing aids I get from VA. Prescription drugs I split between the two- don't double dip, just get some from one and the rest from the other. As far as med records go I have not auth them to share, but each knows what total meds I'm on are. apologize for the long answer
  8. Gents, my recommendation is don't get hung up on e-benny status- will drive you crazy as most times there's no rhyme or reason. Plenty of post on HADIT that touch on that subject and majority recommend what I just said. In addition this time of year doesn't help- holidays = vacation/time off. Calling the 800 number is a "feel good" fix most of the time- if you get thru the rep on the other end will probably just tell you what you already see as far as status goes. Lastly, Keep the faith
  9. A1C tests were current. Historically pre-diabetic- continual results just below 6.0. Doc finally decided on MEDs. after that, as I said went in for unrelated C&P and was surprisingly asked about diabetes- response was "1) AIC pre-diabetic (had A1C results) 2) on METFORMIN and 3) discussed "restrictive diet. Nothing more than that was asked/replied to and VA came back with the 20%
  10. Route I had to go was claim diabetes for high A1C. as expected that didn't fly On a follow on C&P, for a totally unrelated issue Doc asked me about Diabetes- told him I was on Metformin and a restricted diet (at primary care Doc's recommendation.) No salt, bread, etc. He did his thing and VA came back and approved at SC 20%
  11. here's what I got from VA Nurse when I asked why
  12. sent a note to my doc/nurse asking why. I did have it done as something else may show. Drugs- clonazepam and tramadol. I do feel fortunate with my PMP and his nurse as they are responsive to my messaging and appts aren't hard to get at Wilmington except optometry Keep well my brothers and those still in the fight, keep fighting
  13. posted elsewhere without receiving any comments. anyone have a response/comment?
  14. My uneducated guess is you have to initiate- at a minimum you'll know it's been started. If claimed and denied it may be looked at again in the future and granted without you doing anything. At least that's what happened to me. At a C & P for something unrelated Doc asked me about diabetes and when exam results were processed diabetes was granted due to restricted diet and meds- no insulin
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