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  1. He is already S/C for the cervical injury and DDD of the lumbar and cervical spine. He is on migraine medicine and vertigo meds but never filed a claim for those either. So I know he has alot of work to do any suggestion would be appreciated. Hope your feeling much better. He has alot of fatigue and depression as well. How about you? Just wondering if this is the Chiari? Thx

  2. Its me agian. He suffers from so many of the residuals that you do. He has severe cervical and lumbar stenosis and a few herniated disk as well. Migraines, vertigo, tinittus, hearing loss and much radiculapthy. We are not sure how to approach the claim for the Chairi though and trying to research about it. What will they look at as separate conditions if he files.

  3. Hey Tamara I had been reading several of your post and was wondering how you were doing with your Chiari malformation. My husband recently got diagnosed with this ed a claim yet but he sufafter his MRI and we are all still in shock. He got a lot of run around by the VA. Have you gotten any surgical treatment for it. If so by whom? How did you present your claim for the chiari.

  4. Its ridiculous. I used to get "free" help from nieces and nephews and throw them a few bucks when I had it, but now when I ask its like pulling teeth, because they live 45 minutes away and the price of gas is so crazy it costs to much to just throw them a $20 to help me out for a few hours for the drive. I have to have someone to shop with me, be home with me when I shower(sometimes help me wash my hair, depending how bad of a day I'm having). My family cleans, does 85-95% of all household chores. If I do things around the house I am down for about 3-4 days at a time, just for overdoing
  5. I agree with you on that. Advertising prescription drugs is as bad as advertising cigarettes and alcohol to young kids.
  6. Oh, to me this one is easy, they help themselves. The advertise themselves, with help from the doctors of course. Hey whats the new drug of choice on the market today, lets use that one and go script happy, of course until some goes, pardon he pun, postal or even suicidal, who knows. Then they recall it and take if off the shelves, of course only after someone sues them, but not before we all watch the pasted ads on TV every 20 minutes for a month or so if we were the victim of this particular drug. My question, where did it really start, the drug company pushing to have it approve
  7. I got my award letter in todays mail. I was happy and sad all at the same time. I was awarded separately for my migraines, tmj and tinnitus, hooray, BUT I was denied SMC. The funny thing is the way they stated it is,..."you no longer need the regular aid and attendance of another person." Are they saying I needed it or had it before (they should have given it to me prior) and now I don't??? (like they are now taking it away...hmmm) This was on the front (1st) page, but the reason page just states that there was no evidence, which there was a dr. letter (Neurologist). The VA claim
  8. I don't think that splitting another forum will help. It may make it even more complicated. I learned a long time ago K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) (Silly works too). If the forum becomes divided then it will no longer be the VA Claims Forum. It will have to be something else. Claims are claims, no matter what type. Thats why you have the search box at the bottom of the screen. Enter your words, search for your item then read/research. If you feel your thread didn't get the attention it deserved, then look it up and my suggestion would be to put the word bump in your reply to bu
  9. It just amazes me that it seems only recently that the RO has been calling us. There was that bill or law or whatever they (the gov't) want to call it about trying to quicken up the process of vets claims. Maybe this is part of it? Who knows. All I know is that when the woman said to me, well you are already getting TDIU and it won't change anything. I was screaming at her (IN MY HEAD OF COURSE) like are you kidding me. It changes everything. I know 100% pay is 100% pay, but the fact is I will be schedular at 100% will be covered medically for all the other medical issues and then h
  10. OH let me add my 2 cents PLEASE..... I GET NOTHING OFF. Because I got hurt am SC"d at 100% IU, and came home. In NY you MUST have served WARTIME to get ANY discount on your taxes. (Oh, thats right, I missed the war because I got hurt) My taxes are $5200.00, which is not a lot compared to many people, but I have 2 1/2 acres that are considered swamp, which I am only charged $500 a year for, so I guess the other 3/4 acres I'm getting ripped off for them., plus the garbage $400 yr., I have a well, so water is mine, electric, $3000 yr. ( I want to go solar) and home owners ins., plus all t
  11. HI Carlie, How are you! I haven't been at my best. (the winter kills me). I realllllllllllly want to move to a warmer climate(been trying to talk the hubby into it for some time now, he says 3 more years for his 20, yuck). Thanks for the input. This is the second time they have called me on this same claim. I swear goons work there some days, ok. not all goons, but a lot of them. Gosh jut wish it were done already.
  12. Has anyone gotten a call from VARO on regards to their claim? I got one today due to the fact that I am trying to get 100% schedular so I can hopefully get some A&A rather than the 100% IU I already receive. The person was like, well you already get 100% so why would you want to break out they other claims and have them rated separately, it won't change your rating. I was actually getting upset by them because of that. Who wouldn't want their claims listed separate, I mean if you (the VA) owe me benefits, comp, what I deserve (however you would like to put it) then rate them separ
  13. I will definitely keep you all posted. It is very confusing to read, but what isn't with the VA. B) tdak
  14. Thanks Pete, RichT & Tanker, My Neurologist was actually the one who wrote the letter stating I needed help with everyday activities. The Va also has me set up for 2 other C & P for hearing and dental (for my TMJ). I have gotten progressively worse since I had surgery and really do wish I had the extra money now to pay someone to help me daily rather than HAVE to always rely on family (I think it really wears on them). I give to those who help me out when I can, even though there is not much left after bills are paid. I am just grateful that my family has been so strong and ha
  15. Pete, I believe it is already filed as per the VA, my last letter from them has it listed as SMC, based on aid and attendance as a deferred decision because they need additional information or evidence. Then I got the C & P letter about 2 weeks later. thanks, tdak
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