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  1. john999: thank you for taking the time to reply. I wasn't diagnosed with PTSD until Jan 2011; 40 years after my 3 years of Military service. I interpret #17 to be about the last 5 employed years- in may case 1987-1992; (different than the last 5 calendar years of 2007-2012)? I didn't know it was PTSD that caused my problems; (because I was unfamiliar that PTSD does not mean to have to have served in combat). Now I understand why I couldn't handle the stress, anxiety, fears etc that prevented me from even applying for a job or working.
  2. Tried to keep this brief, but filled with info to avoid "ping-pong" back & forth. I have spent considerable time reviewing many of the Posts on the Forums to avoid duplicating my questions. I have been collecting Social Security since Feb 2011 when I turned 62. June 2012 VA disability rating: 70% PTSD; 10% GERD. #15 DATE YOU BECAME TOO DISABLED TO WORK: Do I enter my diagnosis date? My last employment date in 2004? - I wasn't diagnosed with PTSD until Jan 2011. - My last full time job ended in 1980. - I held several part time jobs from 1981 until 1992. - My next (&
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