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  1. Hello everyone,I was finally able to copy my c&p notes from myhealthevet to get everyones opinion on a possible rating eventhough the exam was not done correctly. I already posted about how my C&P exam went (see prior post) and since i wasn't able to scan a copy of my exam,i got it from myhealthevet.Can i get a possible rating opinion from you all?Just wanted to see where I might possibly get awarded or even get a denial... SECTION I: 1. Diagnostic Summary This section should be completed based on the current examination and clinical findings. Does the Veteran have a diagnosis of
  2. the VA has all my military treatment records that show the sucidal thoughts,depression,and even taking me to the emergency room for the suicidal thoughts.unfortunately the va examiner "couldn't" access them but hopefully the va rater sees everything and makes the RIGHT decision..but who knows
  3. Yeah that's what I don't get...it's not my fault i was assaulted by my now ex husband..not my fault that I deployed overseas and was on numerous convoys to different FOBS to perform postal operations..I wish she wouldve made her opinion more clear so it won't be any confusion..not only that but looked at the WHOLE VA claim file and not just the VA medical records.If you wasn't able to get into the system to view everything,you shouldve had me come back when you was able to view it. It's like everything is up in the air right now because it can go either way,being denied or granted..I'm just no
  4. Before my exam, I was diagnosed with PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Dsythmia..Once i got my c&p results,it states that she found i was not found to be diagnosed with PTSD due to me not meeting ALL of the criteria,eventhough i met a couple due to being overseas plus the personal assualt that occurred. Only diagnosis I have that was submitted on the exam was Major Depressive Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder.
  5. I went and got a copy of my exam from the st.llouis va medical center today...and it was not what I expected. First she denied I had ptsd (for combat related and also personal assault and it was mostly due to depression..then for my mental conditions she wrote major depressive disorder with anxiety distress and also wrote down alcohol use disorder. ..to make things worse she ONLY viewed my va medical records and not my whole claim file due error issues with the system..and at the remarks area, she wrote that "her symptoms appear to be related to current psychosocial stressors and ruminate depr
  6. Hello everyone, I reopened my claim back in January due to a denial last September for PTSD and Mental Condition. I sent in a reconsideration due to a C&P exam never being rescheduled,so they reopened it. I had my C&P exam yesterday(I thought it went well) and the doctor signed off on it and it was sent back to the Chicago RO this afternoon. Well,I just called Peggy to check to see if anything else was needed and I was told my claim was noted as special status,meaning it was an expedited claim.I haven't sent in anything for a hardship so I'm not sure what it means for my claim and why
  7. Hello everyone. I have an upcoming C&P that is scheduled in a few weeks. I filed for PTSD (both combat and physical assualt related) and mental condition. I am a little nervous because I don't know what to expect once at the exam. I know I have to be honest about everything,but I want to be sure I leave nothing out. This has been a long two years of this claim pending. Any advice on what to do or not to do while at or before the exam?
  8. Hello everyone.I was wondering if i can get some helpful advice on how to have a successful claim.I have filed for PTSD,depression,anxiety,and mental condition.Here's a summary if what happened: I enlisted in the Army in 2006 and while stationed in Texas in 2007, i was seen in the ER and was sent for a referral at the R&R center on base for what was going on. They was saying that i was going through depression and anxiety with being home sick and relationship issues all while in the military.While i was deployed in 2008 in Afghanistan, I was sent to the hospital on my FOB to see
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