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  1. It's been awhile since I've posted. The process took a lot out of me and my health has been pretty bad. My TBI and residuals among other things were service connected and I was awarded SMC T. To all still in the battle, don't give up and keep fighting. Thank you all, it was a long road we traveled together and I appreciate the knowledge base.
  2. @Vync Thank you for the link. Although I wouldn't/won't be using an agent it will be easier to pass on the info to other vets if I am able to separate it out by state for them. :)
  3. Thanks for posting it. It looks like an excel spreadsheet any chance of sorting it by state and reposting?
  4. Instead of editing my prior post, I'll just add this here. Having been married to a ptsd vet and given my medical conditions, I sure as hell would be ocd about getting a/a if I was trying to care for my kids. I've never birthed but we did adopt a kid that a crackhead left at our church cause I didn't have the heart to let the child go into "the gov system." So yeah I understand his stress over this.
  5. Yes she's a nurse if I remember correctly, so they depend on her income. Thus why he's so on top of this, he needs her or someone around more because of his condition and they have children. He's not capable of handling/being left to handle these situations.
  6. Alex, apology accepted, Eli is a she. :) Enough of my VA battle is posted within this site for reference. As a TBI vet suffering and dying from one of the non-curable neurological diseases I tend to help where I can and on the subject matter I know best - tbi's. My first marriage was to a vet with ptsd, although at the time tbi, ptsd and vet services were unknown terms to most of us. ***************** I really do hope that Theresa reads this or those moderators that know her best will ask her to create separate discussion areas for said topics. ******************* A
  7. Thank you broncovet for reinforcing using the NVLSP's training! That is the same pdf I posted earlier in the thread when trying to show that smc t is not the tiered caregiver program that was being called smc t. Many thanks!
  8. Hopefully the entire thread clears it up for many folks. Those of us that are familiar with both "programs" differentiate the 2 by their proper names, smc t and the caregiver program. You are the first and only person I've known to use the same verbiage for both. The conversation re qualifying for smc t has been going on on these forums for at least most of this year if not longer. And those of us involved knew what we were referencing; esp when the poster, often jfrei quoted the smc t regs and asked if he would qualify. In this case as jfrei has worked through his sc approved and
  9. Re this, that is one of the huge problems tbi vets face. Ben and/or Chris have written about it as well. TBI claims are some of the most backlogged claims. And as Berta and I discussed in the past the VA admitted to not giving the correct exams to tbi vets and also having unqualified drs do said exams. My RO was given the award of most screwed up and backlogged tbi claims. Joy for me! :P But brain injuries are complicated issues, esp for non-drs.
  10. Agreed, maybe when we are older and have more gray hair the VA will be more transparent. If someone had told my great grand parents we'd be using a "typewriter" in the future to communicate instantly and globally they would've lol. :)
  11. I also went back through some correspondence from vet friends receiving smc t. One quote: once my smc t was approved my monthly check went from the smc L amount to the T rate.
  12. @Buck the caregiver program is temporary as they expect many of those vets to improve through therapy, etc. Also, as a member of some of those caregiver support groups one of the problems is that the VA/politicians started the program, allocated funds for it and then were overwhelmed by how many applied, were accepted and the cost it involved. The caregiver program is a nightmare that I'll leave up to you to research. My understanding is that smc t isn't temporary. Unless I guess you are suddenly cured of the tbi residuals. Maybe like you'd lose smc for lou if that limb suddenly grew
  13. @Buck the regs state what is needed for smc t and it is listed in the PDF reg that I posted. Jfrei and his drs, vso, rep etc would have to determine if he meets those requirements. SMC t was established esp for tbi vets. They suffer costly brain injuries that don't fit well into other smc categories, thus smc t was created. I'm not here to tell someone if they qualify, all I can do is provide links to regs and information that I have learned about from my research.
  14. I am providing a link for the caregiver program: https://www.caregiver.va.gov/support/support_benefits.asp And as Alex stated this payment comes from VHA. (copied and pasted from pdf link from above site): Eligibility for the Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers The Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers (PCAFC) is a clinical program administered by the Veterans Health Administration. It is not a VA benefit program. Eligibility is reassessed annually or as needed. When appropriate, the long term goal is for the Veteran to be
  15. @Alex I am simply providing the regs as listed by the VA and knowing of vets that receive smc t. It isn't easy to qualify and as listed in the pdf I linked there are pre-reqs but the difference I was pointing out in my post was quoted from the regs regarding how smc t differs from r2. No one stated you get r1-2 with a note from the doctor. Also the caregiver program is the tiered program, not smc T. These are 2 separate "programs" or payments types, (choose your own verbiage). And yes I completely agree that erroneous information is not beneficial, I encourage everyone to
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