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  1. Buck52, I have helped a few vets that were presently working, in obtaining the TDIU award. Not easy, but it can be done.
  2. a service connected disability of sleep apnea secondary to PTSD is extremely difficult to obtain. I've assisted many vets in their endeavors to obtain the same as you are. They have all been denied with the exception of 2. Both vets were diagnosed with PTSD with 70% or greater. They also had nexus letters with a strong etiology from a pulmonary doc. A doc cannot just say, that they believe the condition is caused by another without explaining how and why they arrived at the decisions that they did. Also, they mentioned other case studies where they were able to connect the two. Good luck
  3. I have attended many meetings/training sessions where the instructor (someone from VA) always comes up with a % number of homeless veterans. I have asked repeatedly how they come up with that specific number. Although, no one has been able to give a definite answer on how and why, we are told that they go by the demographics of certain areas in each state which after a tally of all 50, then they arrive at their number. I think it's hogwash. I sincerely believe (me and my gut feeling) that it is more than what they are saying. Just a smokescreen in my honest opinion....
  4. based on what you stated, your c/p exam is for upper left extremity weakness due to MS. This is what the CP examiner will review. You will need to submit a new claim for your additional disabilities..
  5. hemorrhoids, diagnostic code 7336, mild or moderate (which yours has been annotated as such) is 0%
  6. doesn't look good, the first sentence has sealed your fate...
  7. using the 38 CFR, asthma, diagnostic code 6602, I would say 30% due to your score of FEV/FVC 65%, FEV/FVC 75%. hope this helps!
  8. Don't believe it will be favorable on your part. The examiner stated that your left knee is favorable or normal in many of the testing. Normal is not a word you want to see or hear in a c/p exam. JMHO
  9. Guys, to answer a few of the questions, let me say this; I've seen a multitude of "proposal to reduce benefits" letters this past year. Veterans are submitting for a re-evaluation for a higher % on certain or all of their disabilities. When they submit these claims, they are in fact having their entire list of disabilities reviewed . In the letters that I have seen, if a veteran has a S/C disability that hasn't been looked at by a doctor, ie, no medical complaints since the date of the last rating decision, the VA is considering that disability to have improved, thus resulting in a proposal to reduce. (those with under 10 years of having the disability) Again, I've seen so many of these this past year. I'm working with a veteran right now that received a proposal letter to reduce him from 90% to 10%. Gulf war vet, numerous issues, but he got fed up with the VA docs and not only did he stop going, but stopped all his meds. Started smoking weed, that's been his relief. After reviewing the letter, the only disability not being proposed a reduction is his tinnitus. So yes, it is happening. Navy04, your % for asthma will be based upon the results of the PFT test. Thadine, yes the VA can do that. They made an error is the only reason you don't have to pay those monies back. I would obtain a copy of your C/P exam that was done for the knee and look to see what the degrees in flexion is recorded, and the actual diagnosis of the knee. The biggest 2 factors when rating a knee... John999, yes there are many VSO's out there, some good and some bad as we all know. Me personally, In my 9 years of volunteering as a VSO, only a few occasions have I ever refused to submit a claim for a veteran. Each one of them had no medical diagnosis or medical documentation of their symptomology. I've never installed fear in anybody. I've been just and upright with each veteran that has visited me... 63 sierra, a lot of speculation in your comments...
  10. Not sure why any veteran would submit a claim if they are P/T??? I have seen a lot of "Proposal to reduce benefits" letters that vets have brought in. Is what is transpiring, when VA receives a claim, they review the clam in it's entirety. If you have a disability that hasn't annotated in your records, VA believes that you are getting better, thus they will (and have) sent out these letters. just be careful and know what you're doing....
  11. The last 3 years, I have submitted over 1500 FDC claims. The longest one took 7 months, the quickest FDC took only 1 week. I believe that the FDC is as good as the documents that accompany it. I do my best to have the vets obtain a DBQ before I submit their claim. This saves a lot of time! Also, it depends on the VARO that is adjudicating the claim. All of those that I submitted went to the Louisville, VARO.
  12. VA will attempt the bi-polar as an heredity condition first. You need to have medical documentation from a MH counselor that states otherwise. Like what was said above, your illness needed to be exuberated by the conditions you faced while on active duty... Good Luck!
  13. I would seek out a veterans service officer to assist you if you are unsure of your plight. I know a lot of folks on here have had bad experiences, but there are some good VSO's out there. When (if) you go looking, look for one that is busy. DO NOT speak with one that is sitting behind his/her desk doing nothing, again, find one that is busy. They are busy for a reason. I've been a VSO for 9 years and wouldn't change what I do for anything in the world!
  14. sleep apnea does not qualify for a SMC. DOD has their own formula, when computing retirement pay. it's based on your rank and time in service. Your PEBLO should of gone over that with you.. They now have a computer program that they can type your info in and it will tell you exactly what your retirement pay will be. Your a chapter 61 retiree, which means you have less than 20 years. You will only be able to draw one payment. The one from DOD or the VA which ever is greater. Based upon my experience, if you receive a 100% rating from DOD, you will receive the same from the VA. If so, you will receive the 100% rate from VA because it will be greater than your DOD medical retirement. If your PEBLO, hasn't provided that info to you, you can ask for it or, I would also recommend that you make an appointment with your JAG officer. each MEB processing place has their own lawyers.
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