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  1. To #1CavTrooper: Thank you, and have a great week!
  2. Howdy and Happy Spring everyone! Welcome to all newcomers! Been away for awhile waiting patiently for a PTSD Claim decision. Submitted for Increase Aug 2010. Went to Rater Jan 2013. Pulled for (some kind of) Review Mar 2013. Now back to Rater Apr 2013. Last told to call back RO end of April. So am back to waiting (maybe a little less patiently..smile). Will update again once I receive additional news from RO or VSO. For anyone dealing with setbacks, delays, other problems...Keep The Faith!! Best regards, Maria
  3. Here...from New York City (staying warm and relaxed).
  4. Thank you for your service! May you find the type assistance/support you need on the site. Best regards.
  5. Greetings to all. Hopefully, everyone is able to enjoy the weekend, is doing well overall and if applicable, making progress on whatever VA issue you may be dealing with. Update: VA Claim for Service-Connection may be moving forward. Late last week was informed by VBA Rep. that they will be reviewing everything (once again) then submitting for Decision/Rating. Having read many posts, am simply prepared to wait as patiently as possible. Warmest Regards, Maria
  6. New to site. Have claim pending. Appreciate this quite informative post.
  7. Welcome Sister! Big thanks for your service and sacrifices..from another lady veteran. Blessings, Maria
  8. This is late: welcome WM, and thanks for your service and (continued) sacrifices. In my travels, I've found Texans to be some of the nicest folks, so am hoping you'll not only find suitable answers on this site to any issues but also some comfort. Hang in there, Scorpio Rising
  9. Welcome, Scout. Thanks so much for your service and sacrifices!
  10. Thanks Guys & Gal for the newest Welcomes and encouragement. No positive update/s: VA Rep wants me to check back with her in abt two wks when she should have received my "Personnel Folder" (from somewhere). Was under the strong impression she already had THAT folder/file and was prepared to send everything forward for a Decision & Rating...(hunch shoulders). Will follow advice to read the forum very thoroughly, however, can admit it's like trying to sip from a fire hose lol. Have a great week everyone! Be Well, Maria
  11. Welcome! I'm new here, so unable to provide anything substantive other than my thanks to you/your family for your service, as well as, sacrifices and also my hopes that whatever issues you're dealing with you'll find the support you need from this site. Stay strong! Warmest Regards, Maria
  12. Appreciate the welcomes and encouragement. Am looking forward to learning/sharing. Hopefully, everyone's enjoying a blessed holiday season and will have a very positive, as well as, safe new year. Warmest Regards, Maria
  13. Greetings to All: US Army (Combat) Vet and daughter of (RIP) USMC Vietnam Vet. Joined with the expectation to learn, and perhaps, even make new friend or two. Am presently in the "Development" phase of a S-C PTSD Claim (Aug 2010). Informed I may have Decision & Rating not later than 31 Jan 2012, so am psyched. Hope all other claimants are having success. I close wishing those who are observant..a very nice, peaceful Holiday Season and safe New Year's. Scorpio Rising
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