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  1. Anyone know about the home inspection for ILP, having one, just need info on what to ask or expect, 70% ptsd, 50% sleep apnea, and ssd. Thanks
  2. Ok thanks for the info, but how do you ask for stuff like that, I being reading that i can ask for a home inspection, and that's where u tell that individual what u need.
  3. I believe I posted this in the wrong forum any way I can move it to another one. And how to do it. Thanks
  4. Any one knows how the ILP works, I'm about to apply and don't know what to do, I read some stuff. For example, people getting computers or electronics. Any tips on what to do, or how to ask for this kind of stuff. I have PtSd and its making me crazier everyday, im stuck in the house all day unless i have army drill, or an appointment, from that i dont go out at all, unless i need too, i avoid people including family, exept wife and kids. dont know what to do, i hate driving to the point that i get desperate and start thinking how to get rid of the car next to me. i like video games but i broke my ps3 months ago, can't keep track of stuff like appointments and things to do, I have to write everything down, can't go in my backyard because is so depressing, don't have money to fix it, being hospitalize twice for trying to sign out from this world. What else can I tell u, can't BBQ because the grill I have has a gas tank that I think is gonna blow up any minute. Any advice on this Independent living program, I'm also waiting for a tbi rating. Thanks any help on this is appreciated. 50% sleep apnea, 70% PTSd. 90% total, with SSD.
  5. My claimed moved after being a year in, from gathering evidence to preparation for decision. Any idea how long does this actually might take? Thanks... It's a pain waiting and knowing u almost there.
  6. Shoot, that's why my claim is taking longer. I requested it twice already, and this benefits counselor told me not to reques it again, or my claim will take longer. I which I would of known this though. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Oh ok thanks for the advice, however how do I do it, do I tell them if they think I'm permanent, do I wait for them to tell me on their own, or ask them to put it on the records.
  8. I have a psychiatrist and a counselor I forgot the proper name for that counselor on the va, but they both keep saying they can't write any kind of note. And my primary doctor, can't eaither. For example, they believe my ptsd is long term but they said they can't write that on paper because they not aloud, I need some kind of backing from them to apply for iu, since they the ones that see me everyday. Any help or opinion?
  9. I got my rating back in December for 70 percent ptsd, but it went back to the gathering evidence with no answer on tbi, should I b worry is being about 1 year and 2 months, since I filed them together. Any advice. Thanks
  10. No one knows where my last c and p's, I called the 1800 number, went to Theron va hospital in El Paso, Texas, and nothing, they keep sending me the wrong c and p's but not the last one I had, they were done by a civilian doctor through QTC, I believe that's the name of that company that schedule the appointments, but they said they sent it to the va. Any help
  11. I want to know more about this I'm 90%, 70 ptsd 50 sleep apnea, and tbi waiting, with ssd, but I never got a letter stating anything about iu. Do I even have a chance to apply for it. How does it work, I'm in the limbo here. I'm about I apply for ilp but no clue if I'm gonna get consider. Any info I would appreciated.
  12. The psychiatric lady keeps telling me she can't do any letters.
  13. How do you ask your va counselor to give u a letter that can help me get iu.
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