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  1. First, thank you for your help. As for the carpal tunnel, EMD and surgery to correct on the left hand and the right is making through with braces at night for the time being. I panicked too soon. I received a phone call this afternoon from the VES setting up appointments, x-rays, etc. Again, thank you to everyone for their help.
  2. First, I would like to say I get a ton of useful information from this site. Please keep up the good work. In November 2011, I submitted the paper work for having my carpal-tunnel syndrome evaluated as well as an increase for C-8 IDS and an increase for upper right and left parathesia. This was submitted as three different claims. And, medical records were submitted with each claim as well. For some reason, they were lumped together as one claim, and I could not get them broken into three separate claims. The carpal-tunnel was denied since no evidence was found. I requested copies of my medical records (which finally arrived in July 2012) and faxed the medical records showing treatment for carpal-tunnel. Included with the information I submitted then, was a letter stating I had no other evidence to submit. Everything I have sent to the VA is showing as received under the "What We Have Received". When I checked the eBenefits web site last night, there had been a change to my claim. The web site states they did not receive any medical information from me whatsoever and the claims were closed on January 22, 2013. However, reading a different portion of the page, a VES (Veteran Evaluation Service?) has been requested by March 25, 2013. I have been in contact with the VA several times requesting status updates via phone (which they tell me there never are any), and by email to which I have not received any response at all. One of the people actually sent a "formal" request to have an updated status of my claim, and never received any response. I am extremely concered this claim will be closed, and I will need to restart the process. What should my next step be? I have a letter already written if needed, but I want to make sure what I am reading on the eBenefits web site is correct before sending a letter with additional copies of medical records. There is not a VSO representing me at this time. Is it time for me to look into having a VSO represent me? Thank you for your help, Jay
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