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  1. I have been receiving Clothing Allowance since 1992. Do I need to reapply for clothing allowance? I used to receive it in the month of July. That is why I am inquiring.
  2. What is the latest date that you can receive a Clothing Allowance payment this year (2014).
  3. I have 15 years active duty, can I work at the VA Regional office or Hospital for 5 years and retire?
  4. Thanks for the insight, I am on day 60 and waiting.
  5. How long after the C&P exam does it take to get a decision?
  6. Claims wait times and the Regional office counselors answers to questions.
  7. Thanks for the insight John999. I had no ideal what the C&P was stating.
  8. I was granted 10% on my right knee in 1993, my knee has continued to get worse. I hope this info help. Thanks Vync!
  9. Trying to determine if I will get an increase or not. rhHealthSummaries.pdf
  10. Thanks for the information Notorious Kelly, I removed the DOB on all documents.
  11. rhHealthSummaries.pdfCan anyone help me decipher a C&P Knee Exam. Need help trying to determine my disability increase.
  12. I just received a letter from the VA today. in reference to Clothing Allowance, I am service connected for my back and knee. I am currently receiving a clothing allowance for the brace on my back. My question is can you get two clothing allowances. Or is the VA trying to stop my clothing allowance? I have been receiving this allowance since 1993. I just went to a C&P exam a few weeks ago. Does that mean anything. Concerned Veteran.
  13. I have reattached the Health Summary from my C&P, can anyone help me determine what my disability rating for my knee?
  14. rhHealthSummary.pdfHere is the C&P Knee Exam Summary, Need help trying to determine the rating
  15. How do I attach a file for viewing on this site? Thanks in advance.
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