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  1. by fmiles 23 minutes ago Thank you! All I'm 47 and not ashame to say when I saw that 100% P&T I cried like a baby as I was so overjoyed that my journey had come to an end. The VA had won the battle for several years, but I won the war because I refused to give up knowing my medical condition met the criteria to grant me an overall 100%. One word of advice to those that read this message, if you have a bonafide claim , them run the marathon as the victory is yours and know that a change is gonna come! Reply
  2. My battle in reaching that magical VA number is over, 100% P&T. Today I got the good news, I was without words and still numb. This is a great high that I'm going to enjoy for some time to come. I went to DMV after work and got DV tags for all 3 of my vehicles, the first tag was free and I had to pay for the other two. I will be going on base Monday to get me and the family ID cards. I'm working on the paperwork for Champ VA and other local and state benefits for Florida. I didn't ask too many questions since joining this site in 2013, but I read many post and adopted a wealth of kno
  3. Berta, this was submitted as a fully developed claim. With the C&P examiners agreeing with my condition has during service I think once I'm officially rated for 7020, I would look at doing a CUE. What are your thoughts?
  4. Hi Berta, I am working with a company that went through my service record and discovered that VA should have rated me for severe tricuspid regurgitation upon my initial evaluation when I exited the service so we put in for it and my claim is now in prep for decision. According to the company, this rating would fall under VASRD 7020. I was hoping someone here could validate is there best guess based on experience. Also, the CUE was denied, but the denial was not what I was requesting so I am still fighting that battle. I am not receiving nor have thought about applying for SSDI. Than
  5. Please let me know your thoughts on possible rating: OPINIONS: The veteran still suffers from right ventricular dysfunction as the result of tricuspid regurgitation discovered by transesopageal echocardiogram performed 5 Sept 1995 in-service. To ascribe now a present right or left ventricular ejection fraction would require cardiologic studies not orderable by C&P examiners. RATIONALE: Service treatment records as well physical examination board proceedings via VBMS, CPRS, physical examination, radiologic findings of 12 OCT 2016 as well as examiner's clinical experien
  6. Please provide your humble guesstimate on my C&P exam recently took place. Type of vascular disease condition: Varicose veins and/or post-phlebitic syndrome 1. Does the veteran now have or has he/she ever had a vascular disease (arterial or venous)? YES Diagnosis #1: Post phlebitis syndrome with chronic venous stasis edema 2. Does the veteran have varicose veins? YES, Both legs 3. Does the veteran have post-phlebetic syndrome of any etology? YES, Both legs 4. Check all the symptoms that apply and indicate extremity affected: a. Aching in leg after prolonged standin
  7. Wonderful news, Navywife---keep up the great fight. You're truly an inspiration!
  8. Congrats on your 100% award, way to go!
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