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  1. You will need a Nexus from a qualified physician stating that your sleep apnea is "as least as likely as not" as a result of your depression. He/she must also state that they have read all of your service medical records and also state the reasons why they are tying sleep apnea to your depression citing medical studies that agree with their conclusion. Good luck.
  2. Safe travels . . . don't take any wooden nickels.
  3. (2) Step-by-Step Filing of an Electronic FDC on eBenefits - YouTube This is from 2014 I'm pretty sure the forms have changed but the procedure for e-benefits looks right CORRECTION: SEE Brokensoldiers reply next page.
  4. Why do you think that CRSC will reduce your taxes? CRSC and CRDP are both not taxable. I was getting CRSC for 90% but when I reached 100% I switched to CRDP because the two disabilities that got me to 100% were not combat related.
  5. EG03

    Will the VA call me in for more appointments if it is P&T?

    1. GBArmy


      The VA won't call you for a "regularly-scheduled" exam. In the past, you may have had to go in for a re-exam to determine if your conditions/symptoms had changed. When yo are rated P&T, there are no more "Regularly-scheduled" exams to go to. That doesn't mean you can't be called if you request a new disability, such as or A&A or SMC's for example. They would then want to review the whole package. P an T doesn't mean permanent, like it won't ever change. It is possible your conditions have improved; you see medical for treatment and admit something is "better." They would then possible call you for a re-look.

    2. Buck52


      I agree with BG Army

      but being P&T does not keep you Immune form being called up for a C&P Exam...if your over 55 that helps and your condition is chronic and  is expeted to last the rest of your life  normally they leave these P&T veterans alone    especially if it says on your award letter that you will not be scheduled any exams.

      Only if a VA Dr writes his/her  medical opinion that your service connected condition has improved , that will prompt a proposal to reduce your benefits, they will explain to you what to do if you get such a letter.

       its a hassle but you can ask them to cancel this exam and let another veteran take your place  that your p&t  and your s.c. condition is not expeted to improve in your life time and it is chronic in nature.  if your over 55 add that too. and say your s.c. condition it has not Improved...they may send you a letter for a hearing for you to solve the matter.

  6. Down load your benefits letter it will say permanent and total
  7. Congratulations, Shrek. You have been fighting for some time and it paid off.
  8. toddt

    100% + SMC T

    Bravo Zulu, Congrats on the win.
  9. It probably will. The VA likes the words: "is more than likely". Here is what needs to be in an IMO: https://hadit.com/ime-imo-doc-needs-supply-va-information-needs-not-non-veterans-affairs-docs-know-format/
  10. Go to ebenefits or VA.gov and download your benefits letter, it may be updated, if it is it will tell you what percentage you're at.
  11. It seems ebenefits is slow on the upswing. I too am awaiting what my percentage will be after VA.gov closed my claim saying that "the judge agrees with you". Congratulations to you on the win. You might want to refile for your sleep condition secondary to PTSD.
  12. I would trust IRIS to follow through. I was just awarded 100% and downloaded my benefits letter from VA.gov, award dollars were wrong on the benefits letter. I fired off an email to IRIS and two days later my benefits letter reflected the correct amount. I'm sure others will chime in.
  13. Agree with brokensoldier about the claims file. You need to request your brother's C-file all the records should be there.
  14. Hooray and congratulations Peaches way to stick with it. Now, get out there and enjoy it . . . but wear a mask
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