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  1. toddt

    100% + SMC T

    Bravo Zulu, Congrats on the win.
  2. It probably will. The VA likes the words: "is more than likely". Here is what needs to be in an IMO: https://hadit.com/ime-imo-doc-needs-supply-va-information-needs-not-non-veterans-affairs-docs-know-format/
  3. Go to ebenefits or VA.gov and download your benefits letter, it may be updated, if it is it will tell you what percentage you're at.
  4. It seems ebenefits is slow on the upswing. I too am awaiting what my percentage will be after VA.gov closed my claim saying that "the judge agrees with you". Congratulations to you on the win. You might want to refile for your sleep condition secondary to PTSD.
  5. I would trust IRIS to follow through. I was just awarded 100% and downloaded my benefits letter from VA.gov, award dollars were wrong on the benefits letter. I fired off an email to IRIS and two days later my benefits letter reflected the correct amount. I'm sure others will chime in.
  6. Agree with brokensoldier about the claims file. You need to request your brother's C-file all the records should be there.
  7. Hooray and congratulations Peaches way to stick with it. Now, get out there and enjoy it . . . but wear a mask
  8. toddt

    100% P&T

    7 years, 3 trips to the BVA one trip to CAVC finally awarded 100% effective Oct 2014. There are still two claims awaiting adjudication at the BVA, one should give me an earlier effective date and the other is listed as a compensation issue . Thanks to all of the contributors on HadIt. Oh, they have the monthly award wrong on my downloaded letter, it's off by a little over $60 so that needs to be dealt with. It never ends.
  9. Congrats on the win. You're right . . . Never Give Up!
  10. Thank you for the update and my prayers for George. Never did know his real name. He had invited me to join him and a group of Viet Nam vets that met monthly at the VAMC Detroit. I was unable to make it to any of their get togethers. "Gastone" along with several other hadit members is the reason that I am at 90% and awaiting several claims that have been languishing for 7 years now which should put me at 100.
  11. I don't believe the BVA has the authority to lower a rating. Ratings are assigned by the regional office raters based upon the information they have from C&P exams and other evidence that is available to them from the service members records. If the service member disagrees with the Regional Office decision he/she appeals to the BVA and they review the decision "de novo". The BVA then either agrees with the RO or the service member. If they agree with the service member they "remand" the decision to the RO with instructions as to what the RO needs to do. In this case you say that you are Permanent and Total - "PERMANENT" means something. The only way P&T can be changed is if it was falsified. The other way your rating can be lowered is if there is a "material improvement" in the veteran's condition.
  12. Shrek is correct, your retirement pay is taxable, your disability pay is not taxable.
  13. I would guess that each person is different. Hearing aides amplify sound, this amplification helps to "override" my tinnitus so, in a way, they do help.
  14. I don't understand why they say that CRDP is taxable. "Disability benefits you receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) aren’t taxable" . I have been receiving VA disabilty pay for 8 years, I am retired from the military and receive a monthly check from DFAS for my 22 years of service, I also receive a monthly check for VA disablity which they label as CRDP and it is not reported to the IRS. Each year I get a letter letting me know that I can continue getting CRDP or, because being 90% combat related (CRSC), I can change to get CRSC - there is no monetary difference so I choose to leave it as it is.
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